Weather news

The searing heat has been replaced by gale force winds. On the plus side, it’s been horribly hot and I’m happy that’s gone, but on the down side, it’s now blowing a gale force wind.

This seems to be the plan now for the foreseeable future, too. The weekend will feature gusts of almost 100kph. And this is summer.

When I moved over here several years ago, the South Easter used to blow from October until December. But there’s been a clear (if anecdotal) season creep and the wind now blows into February. If you want (anecdotal) evidence of this, come back in February and I’ll show you. But the next few days (not quite February) are looking fairly hectic.

Sadly, the South Easter doesn’t make for very exciting swells, so I won’t be getting any decent photos of that, but given that I still have three days worth of pics to get edited (I was doing paid edits for other people overnight), you probably weren’t expecting much anyway, right?