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Welcome to visitors from the 2008 SA Blog Awards site.
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Yes folks, in a show of democracy which would make Vladimir Putin blush and Robert Mugabe quake in his Z$116 billion boots, voting is underway in the 2008 SA Blog Awards.
It’s like Barack versus Hillary, but without the racial tension. Which is a first for SA.

Thanks to your nominations, 6000 miles… has been shortlisted in four categories:

  • South African Weblog of the Year
  • Best Post on a South African Blog (for the Big South African Crime Post)
  • Best Original Writing on a South African Blog
  • Best South African Personal Blog

Vote for this Blog

The organisers (whom I think are great, by the way) have provided the shortlistees with suitably ostentatious images like the one above to promote our blogs during the voting process.
All you have to do to vote for your favourite blog (er… this one) is to click the image above, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address and the anti-spam code.

The organisers will then send you an email with a link to confirm your vote.

One vote per email address.

It couldn’t be simpler – unless I did it for you. In itself, that isn’t a bad idea but would surely flout the contest rules and the general sporting behaviour for which I am famed when not on a football pitch.

 AHEM! You appear to still be here. Shouldn’t you be elsewhere voting by now?

7 thoughts on “Vote For Me!

  1. Thanks for filling in the ballot already (is that legal.

    Tried confiming my vote but it won’t let me, hope you don’t lose by one.

  2. “(whom I think are great, by the way)” You kissass 😛 Pity that my nominations for you in all the other categories didn’t go through though. I would have liked to see you win best gay/lesbian.

  3. Stan – Try again. Failure is not a option. 🙂

    Koosh – I’d make a great lesbian. Believe.

    FoW – Much appreciated! Thanks!

  4. “It’s like Barack versus Hillary, but without the racial tension. Which is a first for SA.”

    love it

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