A superb weekend, with Braais, Boerewors, Burgers, Beverages, Beagles and Brandy. We partied hard, played hard and we’re already regretting it. Next weekend promises Beaches in addition to all those other things. It also promises to Be a Bit more Beaceful, which is pretty much the same as Peaceful, but fits the narrative of this Blog post.

Context is the natural enemy of the narrative.

And who wants to upset the narrative?

Certainly not me.
Certainly not after this weekend.

I just need my Bed.

Winter returns

It’s been an amazing weekend, both socially and meteorologically. But all that seems set to change tomorrow when there is both work and a nasty storm expected in Cape Town.


We made hay and went to see Elliot the crateman (photos), watched a house fire (really) and then attended a couple of braais.
And drank a couple of beers.
Some of us then went on to balance a small rottweiler puppy on our heads.

Fortunately, I remained sober enough not to try anything so outrageous.

I think.