Look Both Ways

With the sudden end to the appalling weather, we took the opportunity to get down to Tokai Forest and work off some cabin fever.
Beneath the pine trees the ground was fairly dry and firm, but further down there was still pretty of evidence of flooding on the lower lying ground.

Wet and muddy, we found ourselves the end of the unfinished, unused Lismore Avenue road bridge over the M3 and I couldn’t resist clambering up and having a quick look up top.


Looking North (above) and South (below)

It wasn’t particularly pleasant up there – lots of broken glass and drug paraphernalia lying around, low walls and plenty of exposed metalwork to trip over.
That said, I will head back up there with a proper camera and get some better shots sometime. And I will find out why there’s an unfinished, unused bridge going over the M3 near Tokai. (Although, Cape Town is known for its unfinished bridges, of course.)

Breakfast & Baboons & Buffoons at the Porter Estate Market

It’s been a while since we headed down to Zwaanswyk and the Porter Estate Saturday Morning Market. Lots to see and do here, but first, it was breakfast time and while the kids amused themselves in the sandpit and on the jungle gym, I amused myself with bacon, egg, veal sausage and onion. Which was nice and exceptionally good value at R40.

Add to that an enamel cupful of the local Moer Koffie:

Now, Moer Koffie is a strong, dark brew. The kind of stuff you want to drink after you’re had a moer se nag out on Long Street, like we had. I’m not even sure what type of beans are in there and honestly, I don’t think anyone really cares because the senses are far too intrigued by the enamel cups and condensed milk condiments. Please promise me that you won’t try it with the illusion that Moer Koffie is going to effortlessly win any awards, because I really don’t think that’s the point. Even still, it’s still worth the experience of drinking something other than the usual brands that ferry their wiles through the mainstream.

You have to be a bit careful at fresh produce markets like these. The produce is good and rather difficult to resist – olives, bread, olives, sausage, olives and olives – but it’s also often expensive. The lamb chops at R98 a kilo are a good example.
Oh, and this morning, you also had to be careful to avoid mountain bikers cycling through the market. There’s actually no sign saying that they can’t cycle right through the middle of the couple of hundred people (and kids) there, but I think that’s probably because it should just be common sense. After all, it’s not like there are signs in multi-storey car parks telling you not to jump off the top floor or at Spur telling you to slap the kids in the playroom – it’s simply reasonable behaviour.

Cyclists claim that they get picked on a lot, but in my opinion, they deserve it.
This guy is the exception that proves the rule:

One further issue at the market this morning was the troop of about 40 baboons which was heading towards the market when we arrived. Fortunately, they stayed away, as they would surely have ransacked the place and eaten all the pricey lamb chops.

Do baboons like olives?

Spiders on Halloween

We had a great time this morning at the Porters Market in Tokai, buying expensive bread, expensive juice and other expensive stuff.
The quality of the produce there is undoubtedly good, the prices are outrageously high. Still – a good time was had by all, a massive bagel was had by Kristen and a gingerbread man was had by Alex.

Coming home, we have been playing in the sun in the garden and the pool, sorting out a few chores around the house and – in my case – photographing a spider’s nest in the back garden. This one is about tennis ball sized and probably belongs to a rain spider.
Mrs 6k isn’t a big fan of spiders, but I think they’re amazing and the nests – made from leaves encompassed in a silky web sack – are incredible. I sprayed this one lightly with water so I could capture the intricate structure.

Bigger here. I guess that’s perfect timing for Halloween, but that was never my intention. It’s so bright and sunny here that Halloween darkness and creepytude seem a long way off.

You can see more of the day (and the spider’s nest) on the flickr set I stuck together really quickly just now.