101 uses for coffee grounds

I’m always looking for good ways to reduce the amount of waste in our house. Already, we produce about a quarter as much landfill waste as the neighbours each week, despite having double the number of people (and an infinitely more dogs) than they do. But why not keep going and see if we can get that down even further?

My Nespresso pods aren’t exactly wonderful for the environment, but they do all go for recycling – the aluminium gets reused and the coffee grounds go to worm farms for composting.

But what if I’m not using the machine and I’m deep into plunging, what then? Most goes into my worm farm round the back, but I was surprised to learn that there are million* other uses for coffee grounds.

And yes, composting is there as well, but also removing garlic or onion smells from your hands, keeping your fridge fresh, blocking your plughole** and this little gem:

For your face, simply use leftover coffee grounds with a bit of coconut oil and tea tree oil, and gently scrub your face in circles. Your face will be left feeling smooth, energised, and smelling like tiramisu.

To be fair, I never knew that I wanted my face to smell like an Italian dessert, but if that’s merely a side-effect of my skin feeling smooth and energised, I’m willing to give it a go.

P.S. Our teabag firelighter project is also still going well.


* wild exaggeration
** not actually listed