Not right now

If ever there was a time to have a mild viral sickness with a low-grade fever and a sore throat, this really wasn’t it.

And yet, guess what?

I’m really not very sick, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that it’s… you know… that… but honestly, having had no health problems (other than damaged joints due to overuse, clumsiness and age) for a year, could this really not have just stayed away?

I’m still being careful – not like I am much of a social party animal anyway, especially now – but aside from anything else, I really want to make sure that this current malaise doesn’t open the door for anything more significant. For me or for anyone else.

Fresh air, fresh fruit, and a brandy gargle every hour.

What could go wrong?

Subdued hound

Not 24 hours after this now infamous video was shot, the beagle was at the vet. Which wasn’t good news for anyone concerned – save for the vet’s bank manager, I suppose.

rsz_dsc_0003The diagnosis? A poor diet over the weekend. We’re guessing sand, fish, bones, seaweed and some more sand. That sort of thing is going to irritate your colon and it seems that the colon of the beagle is indeed irritated. We do try to watch what the dog eats, but it’s impossible to be there 24/7. We have prevented any previous episodes of this nature, which, given the desire of this breed to eat anything and everything, surely deserves at least some praise.

Despite appropriate medication, Colin remains rather subdued this evening, so we’re left hoping for an overnight turnaround before more serious measures need to be taken tomorrow.