More publishing

This actually happened last year, but I only recently got a copy of the magazine.

My photos inĀ Old Glory – Steam & Vintage Preservation magazine.

More than happy to share a few of my photographs of my favourite steam engine in all the world. I’ll admit that the competition in that category isn’t huge.

Although… hang on a second…

11 years ago. Wow.


I’m not quite sure what’s going on this year, but I’ve already had requests to use my photos from National Geographic Kids, several from Adobe Stock, and now one from a heritage magazine in the UK. Not of these pay well (indeed, some of them don’t pay at all), but money isn’t everything, right?

Of course, if I were even close to being any sort of professional photographer, money would be everything, and I might feel rather differently.

But since I’m (far from) being anywhere near professional, I’m just chuffed to get a bit of recognition.