Walk record

Still not well. Still not that though.

Sinusitis and full-on exhaustion the main symptoms right now. I’m sleeping for 16 hours a day. You’re lucky to find me up and about right now.

I was in need of fresh air and exercise yesterday, and despite not being 100%, I decided to go out. Morally delinquent? Not really. Like I said, I don’t have Covid-19 and I rarely bump into anyone on my beagle walks anyway; with everyone hiding at home, there was even less chance of contact.

(And please remember that “going for a walk” is on the DoH’s green list of good things to do, even if the Province is telling us all to stay at home.)

All went off without a hitch.

5.65km in 1 hr 6 minutes (snorfing pace).
People encountered: 6 (one family on bikes, one couple walking)
People within 5 metres: 0
People braai’ing in Wynberg Park: 2
People gathering under a gazebo in Wynberg Park: ±60. Muppets.
Things snorfed: All of the things.

Came home to find a big family party (three generations) next door. Great idea, folks.

This morning, I have prepped the beagle with food and drugs for the next three months. It seems likely that things are about to get more serious in terms of freedom of movement, and no-one wants to spend the next few weeks with a hungry beagle.

Stay safe, people.

Not right now

If ever there was a time to have a mild viral sickness with a low-grade fever and a sore throat, this really wasn’t it.

And yet, guess what?

I’m really not very sick, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that it’s… you know… that… but honestly, having had no health problems (other than damaged joints due to overuse, clumsiness and age) for a year, could this really not have just stayed away?

I’m still being careful – not like I am much of a social party animal anyway, especially now – but aside from anything else, I really want to make sure that this current malaise doesn’t open the door for anything more significant. For me or for anyone else.

Fresh air, fresh fruit, and a brandy gargle every hour.

What could go wrong?