Cape Town Stories 2017

I shared this video earlier on Twitter, but I’ve decided that I want to pop it on here too.

I’m not a huge Casey Neistat follower, although he does have a bloody nice drone [Ed: soon!!!], but I think that one has to admire what he has achieved in this weird, new media space that has recently appeared.

For a guy who really shouldn’t be at all down to earth, he’s remarkably… well… down to earth. His wife is South African, and thus they come over to Cape Town for summer each year. Herewith, his Cape Town Stories 2017 video, featuring some great shots of the city and a chilled few days over Christmas.

I really can’t see this sort of exposure doing our tourist industry any harm whatsoever… Nice.

Halcyon Days…

And so, the holiday draws to an end. Tomorrow brings with it work, bacteria, admin and meetings.
But what a break it’s been: family, friends, London, Sheffield, snow, real beer, a “proper Christmas” and some amazing memories being made.
And then, as the icing on the cake, a few days of excellent weather and relaxation down in Agulhas.
And then, as the cherry placed gently upon the icing on that luxurious cake, Sheffield United demolishing QPR at Loftus Road and our porcine neighbours losing out to a last minute winner at the Etihad.

Could it get any better?
Well, I could do without heading back to the lab tomorrow. But otherwise, no. It’s been amazing.

But in the meantime, for those who are interested, there are updated photos here and here.