Bring the heat

Another Wednesday evening, another night of strong coffee and no aircon at the local trampoline park.

The juniors in the Academy team have hit the big time: playing against some of the best dodgeball teams in the province. Some of the only dodgeball teams in the province you might say.

I’m happy to sit and watch, supporting my boy. Spotify is doing the business of canceling out the usual doof doof, and I’m chilled after a long day of DIY, various errands and blood donation.

And I’ll be home just in time for bed the football.

Could be worse.


Loadshedded Dodgeball

Once again, I am court-side at the trampoline park. There’s no blaring music though, because the electricity has just gone down. This was fully expected, but the lady sitting next to me has gone to complain anyway,  as if the guys here can do anything about the failed state-owned enterprise which supplies (or doesn’t supply) the power here.

No lights here either then, but there’s enough sunlight filtering through the translucent windows to make the Dodgeball Academy session slightly more difficult and quite a bit more dangerous.

The coffee machine isn’t working, of course.

I may not survive.


The boy is playing Dodgeball. Supposedly, I’m watching, but in actual fact, I’m not.
In actual fact, I’m keeping one eye on the football, one finger on the phone screen writing this, and one (or more) ears on the cheesy dance music which inevitably accompanies these high energy sports on neon mats.

I have coffee. It’s all good.

There are no fewer than three of the Springbok Dodgeball team coaching today. I’m not sure which other sports you could get this sort of access to such expertise on a Sunday afternoon.

The boy has just been knocked out (not in the unconscious sense) early on in this game. I think he needs all the help he can get.