Day 51 – here comes the weekend

It’s day 51, it’s Saturday and Mrs 6000 is more locked-down than ever, with back to back work-related Zoom calls for the entire weekend. Such a pity, when we had such wide-ranging plans for the family.

I’m left to my own devices.

I hosted a quiz last night, and I’m busy writing another one which I plan to host  tomorrow evening – I’m going international with this one.
The kids are amusing themselves with rebuilding society on Minecraft, and I have provided the beagle with a large bone, so I won’t need to do much else there for the rest of the day.

I finally started my sourdough starter today. I’m hoping that it’s the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. I’ll keep you updated. I know you’ll be anxious to follow the story.

It’s technical, high-end stuff, with the website recipe I’m following suggesting that I “use kitchen scales” to weigh the ingredients, and “a thermometer” to check the room temperature.