Lucky Escape

I wrote a couple of months ago that I had abandoned my plans to get a Lily drone, after their estimated delivery time was pushed further and further out, and their videos and updates were greeted with dismay and disappointment by independent experts all over the internet. Then there was the issue of them not being able to deliver to SA because:

tax and import restrictions


Still, on the plus side, they refunded my money quickly and without fuss, and the ZAR:USD exchange rate fucktuation [sic] meant that I didn’t lose out on the deal.
On the downside, it appears that I’m still on their mailing list. And over the weekend, that showed me just how lucky I was. Because the latest news is that US deliveries are only being shipped in late December and into January.


And then, this line:

Due to regulatory and logistical constraints, international pre-orders will start shipping later in 2017.

This is what they’re saying now, a good six months ahead of the date. This for a product that was meant to be in my hands in February 2016 – six months ago. And, six months ago, guess what? They were saying that people would have their Lily in six months time. Déja vu, much?

Say Antoine & Henry (Founders):

We’ve embarked on a journey to create a self-flying camera not just for hobbyists and professionals, but for any creative mind looking to capture the world from a new angle. This would not be possible without you.
Thank you again for your support. Your vote of confidence means everything to us.

Which is an unfortunate turn of phrase given that I’ve already abstained.

I’ll be interested to see if there are any further delays. I honestly can’t believe that suddenly, everything has changed.

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