We’re back

Well… that was a wonderful family adventure. I’ll try to find time before my next trip (Tuesday) to organise some thoughts on the places we stayed, ate and visited but generally, they were really great, we met some lovely people and we had some amazing experiences.

I’ve not really had a chance to have a good look at the photos, but my first impression is that there is nothing remarkable in there. Not that this was a ‘togging trip, but that’s still a little disappointing.

My fok, Marelize. That was amazing.

Today has been all about those little jobs that stack up when you are away for a while. Some plumbing, some electrics, some washing, and sorting the kids out ready for school tomorrow. It’s all done, we’re all ready, and the last whirlwind week sadly seems an age ago already.

More tomorrow, maybe some photos (although maybe not), and maybe even some exciting live blogging of the ironing as I get ready for an eye-wateringly early flight on Tuesday morning.

I know you can hardly wait.

About next week


It’s road trip time, and there’s a busy weekend between us and it, with birthday parties at opposite ends of the age scale. And those will be a lot of fun, not least because a lot of planning and organisation has gone into them, but there’s still loads to sort out before we head off out and about, around the Western Cape. A scary amount.

(And then don’t even mention the punishing 5 day trip up North the following week, which makes this road trip look like a quick visit to the local shops.)

But I’m looking forward to next week. I’m not taking a laptop, so expect
a) some pre-written posts, plus whatever else I get the chance to fit in.
b) the occasional unedited photo, and
c) plenty of instagramming.

I know for a fact that there will be a couple of days where I won’t have wifi or cell signal, but I can’t imagine that there will be a lot in many of the deliberately chosen, sparsely populated dorpies and nature reserves we’re planning to visit.

Night skies? Hopefully.
Freezing temperatures? Obviously.
Some proper family time? Surely, yes.

Bring it on.

Crazy Journey

You’d think that driving part-way across the Eastern Cape in the middle of the night would be a pretty crazy journey, and you’d be right.

But then I did a bit more of it during the day yesterday and it was even crazier.

Part of my journey from the town of Addo to the town of Fort Beaufort took me along the bottom edge of the local National Park. And alongside the road there, there were such things as these:

*warning: unedited photos alert*

And this:

I mean, seriously?

Some people in the UK still ask me if there are lions roaming the streets here, and there clearly aren’t. But there clearly are elephants and warthogs (and kudu and zebras) right next to (some of) the streets in the Eastern Cape.

Of course, I had to stop and shoot. So there are several (or more) pics available. But I don’t have editing time right now: I’ll get to that should I survive my flight back into severely stormy Cape Town this evening.
It could be a crazy journey.

But it would take a bit to beat this one…

Go down

It’s that day, at last.

We’re finally heading back down to Agulhas for a few days after… well… far too long. That does mean that this post will have to be short because I have this much [indicates very large amount] organisation and sorting out to do before we head off.

There is internet there, and there should be time to stick some stuff up both on here and over on the ‘gram. The weather looks cold, crisp and clear and actually, I cannot wait to get there.

So without further ado, I’ll see you on the other side (of Bredasdorp).


I see some travel in my near future. Business rather than pleasure, but hopefully it will be an informative, interesting, enjoyable and rewarding trip.
Did I say “fulfilling”?
No, I didn’t, but hopefully that too.

I get to go on a plane this time. Talk about hitting the big time.

I’m not sure about how much spare time (not much I suspect) and connectivity (anyone’s guess) I’ll have while I’m away, so there will be a few pre-written posts around next week. Hey – you might not even notice, and there’s the added bonus of the chance of more posts should there be the inclination (and the time and the connectivity) to do so.

As I say, this is all planned for a few days next week, so normal service will continue until at least then. And if all goes well, while I’m away, my instagram might be the place to go to share my journey.