Image test

As you can see, 6000 miles… has got a lovely new look.

There are going to be a few ongoing changes over the next little while as preferences are tweaked and wrinkles ironed out.
I’m also anxious to test an image with this new theme.

Here are some barns near Caledon, taken in May 2017.
And now I’m going to press publish and see what they look like today…

Last minute QP

I’ve been busy doing jobs and having fun today. Jobs included putting up a shelf, fun included some 10-pin bowling.

I almost forgot to blog.

Here’s Cape Town Harbour Breakwater Light Tower. The Starboard one.

I think that the weird sea wall with its angle-cut semi-circular wave defences catching the summer sun lends itself to a bit of monochrome. Cliché? Ja… ok, maybe a bit, but it’s just so nice and simple.

And it fills an otherwise empty gap on here.

Protea Square

Not the one in… [checks Google Maps]… Port Elizabeth. No, a square protea, taken a couple of days ago on a visit to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.

This one:

Biological near symmetry and perfection.

I also have a weird panorama from the trip that went horribly wrong in processing but came out “interesting”. I might share that another time though.

End of the century

(The one from 1919-2019, anyway…)

It’s been an interesting year, but it’s nearly done now.

There were plenty of highs, several (or more) lows, and quite a lot of average kinda stuff, as you might expect. But all being well (as this post was written over a week ago), we’ve made it this far – 364/365ths or 99.73% of the way through. And 2020 beckons. A fresh start, a new opportunity, but still with the same old arseholes who helped make the last few years so miserable. (You can choose your own arseholes here.)

Happy days.

A watery autumnal sunset, punctuated by Swift Terns and anticrepuscular rays seems appropriate. Not one of my best 12, but it fits quite nicely here, and reminds me what I need to improve upon in 2020. Aiming the camera 10° further upwards would have helped here.

Insta game not strong

My overall photography stuff wasn’t too bad this year.

But if my Best Nine on Instagram was anything to go by, my Insta game was poor. So poor.

2 iffy sunsets, a beagle and a drone shot. Meh.

Nothing to be proud of here. Especially when compared to 2018’s amazing work. That said, it should be noted that these were the most liked photos on there. Personally, I don’t think that they were the best photos on there, but still…

Lots to work on in 2020. Follow me here and see how much better I can be.