Bloody Sunday.

Busy day. Loadshedding. Heat. A braai. Errands to do.

I made a new header image. It’s up there [points to top of screen].

Too much beagle? Mmmm…

I’m not sold on it just yet so it might change, disappear or… ag… I just don’t know at the moment.

Early night tonight. Knackered.

See you tomorrow.


UPDATE: It’s already been changed. And it might still be changed again.

All over?

30 days into 2020 and things are all looking a bit biblically apocalyptic.

War (pending)

But these things really aren’t so bad.
This morning, a virulent beagle fart in my office put everything squarely into perspective.

I’m still alive, somehow.
And I might have discovered a way to kill locusts and viruses.

And peel paint off walls.

That didn’t work very well

The plan, as you may already know, was to take some time this morning to write a proper blog post. Things started so well: the kids went back to school and were even mildly enthusiastic about doing so, the beagle was fed and settled in for its post-breakfast nap. Perfect.

And then it all started to go astray. Suddenly there were phone calls to make, a wine farm to find, a table to measure (don’t even ask), a shop or two to get to and a last minute dot com photography assignment.
Things fall apart. And they did, a bit.

And so, I’m putting a small one up here now (careful now) and the plan is to put a bigger one up later. Some fun photos of penguins, seals and dolphins (the Holy Trinity of Table Bay sealife) from yesterday. But right now, I’m carefully stepping over the dozing dog and heading off Stellies toe.

Back to business

(Just as long as that business doesn’t require a reliable electricity supply.)

Part 1.
The first pub quiz in ages last night. And we won. Some things never change. Our team name did – we went with “Chinese Cabbage” for obvious reasons. It stood us in good stead, with a comprehensive victory assured well ahead of the final round. Well played, team.

Part 2.
I managed to get back (no pun intended) to gym today for the first time in about a month. Time will tell whether this was a good decision, my back being at that difficult “probably ok, unless you manage to do something really innocuous to damage it again” stage.

Notes from my really gentle session:
– Gym is quiet, but can you imagine what it’ll be like in a month’s time?
– That wasn’t as easy as I remember. It’s amazing how quickly your fitness drops off when you have been injured.
– I’m (briefly, at least) re-motivated to get back to full fitness as soon as possible, but…
– Tomorrow may well bring a world of pain.

Part 3.
I’ve secured a bit more advertising stuff for the blog. You’ll likely see a post or two in the next week or so that simply doesn’t make sense in the context of this otherwise wonderfully-written site. They’ll probably be about casinos and sports betting. I’m not supposed to say that they are paid content, but they are paid content – clearly identifiable by the “Black Label Fund” category I have applied to them. However, this time around, it’s more likely that any monies earned will go towards a Christmas bone-us for the beagle than any beer. (See what I did there?)
Thank you for your understanding.

Bad beagle

I may moan about the beagle from time to time, but the fact is that even I have to admit, the beagle is the most good-natured, docile and loving of dogs.
True, the beagle may have many faults, but her amiable nature is undeniable.

Except this morning.

It started as any other, with the harness going on, the lead being clipped into place, and a left turn up the road for a nice little 3.5km wander and snorf.  And then the unthinkable happened: the beagle snapped at the ankles of a passing jogger.

Bad beagle.

She didn’t get very close, to be fair. But still, this is wholly inexcusable, and though I apologised immediately and he was very nice about it, I found myself rather embarrassed and actually rather shocked.
This was not typical beagle behaviour.

The grumpy, somewhat aggressive behaviour continued through the walk, but thankfully, I was forewarned and kept things (mainly the beagle) on a very short leash. Still, we managed snarls and tugs in the direction of people, vehicles, other dogs, squirrels (ok, fair enough) and birds. Feisty, irascible animal. She even had a bit of a go at a fence.

A fence! How grumpy do you have to be to take a pop at a fence?

I’m putting this weird, out of character behaviour down to her just getting out of the wrong side of her basket this morning, and she’s actually been absolutely fine ever since we got home, but I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on her next time we head out around the neighbourhood.