There’s more to this pandemic than just virology and epidemiology.

There are the huge economic consequences, the social and psychological effects of worry, panic and a future unknown. And then there is the sheer logistical challenge of just trying to live your daily life (or something close to it), educating your kids, buying your food, looking after your family.

I know what’s going on with the science stuff, but the rest of it is as new to me as the next guy (a safe social distance from me) on the street.

The situation is grave, especially in SA given our existing problems of unemployment, poverty, crumbling economy and social division, but I have some hope.  I’m noticing a willingness among the majority to unite and try and get through this. And without wanting to be all doe-eyed and sentimental, things really do work on the odd occasions when this country pulls together.

There will always be the idiots out there who will not get involved or even try to derail these processes, but there are definitely the first signs of cooperation and unity beginning to show through.

I’m doing my bit, trying to help coordinate schoolwork for the shutdown, offering assistance to neighbours and volunteering my (surprisingly still quite professional) services where appropriate.

The rest of the time, I’m washing my hands, watching funny TV (because argh! no sport…), getting some fresh air and trying to keep fit and healthy. We will get through this. It’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be ugly, but if we do choose to look after ourselves and each other, we will prevail.

Stay safe, stay sensible. And now… wash your hands.

Running World Cup

I had another quick run around the blocks today, and it got entered into the running for the Running World Cup, which I think I mentioned here.

I haven’t had a lot to do with it really, but SA is top of the pile in this early qualifying round:

Some surprising entries there, with Tunisia and Romania looking like they’re going to finish high up on the leaderboard. Who knew.? Who even cared?

Incidentally, it looks like the top 16 countries qualify for the next stage (not sure what that involves yet, probably more running) and with 2 days to go, Ireland have been knocked out of contention for the moment by Bangladesh, of all places.

But clearly the main threat to SA is the Smaller European Nations, who have ganged together to make one Larger European Nation. I’m not sure is this is cheating or not, but you’ve have to argue that it’s probably very difficult to run very far in one Small European Nation because you’ll simply run (NPI) out of Small European Nation to run in. So maybe it’s fair enough.

I have a couple of days to add another run to my tally, but I have no intentions of doing so.

I’ll keep you up to date with whatever happens next. (It might not be anything.)

The dream continues…

Something here while I look through a disappointing lot of photos from yesterday and clean sand out of everything and everywhere – everywhere – after sundowners on Llandudno beach yesterday evening.

We appear to have brought back quite a lot of the beach with us. It’s amazing to consider that there is any beach left given the number of people down there yesterday that must have brought an equal amount of beach back with them.

We’re struggling a little today. Mrs 6000 slipped on the dodgy stairs down to the beach yesterday and twisted her knee, so she’s sore and limping around this morning.
The beagle is suffering slightly after it decided to steal and wolf down 2 slices of pizza, each generously topped with piquante peppers. This was yesterday evening, it was thoroughly scolded and it still hasn’t been able to look me in the eye since.
And 6000 Jr is unwell. If he’d been to Italy or China, I’d be very concerned, but he hasn’t, and so I’m just quite concerned. Fresh air, drugs, rest and relaxation is the best we can do for him. And possibly a brandy later (for me).

So let’s have some good news: Sheffield United…  I mean… What. A. Season.

Another hard-fought win yesterday, another 3 points and the dream continues.

Bullet header. Great saves. Fantastic effort. Amazing team spirit. Unbelievable belief. You make your own luck*.

And yes, I know that some of my readers are left cold by football. That’s fine. I’m not, and I’m having a great time at the moment.

I’ll get back to my photos now. Might share some a bit later. Maybe tomorrow.
Watch this space.



* This one is BS. 

Exercise news

It’s going to be a post full of mixed feelings and news. Highs and lows. Plusses and minussessesus. Pros and cons.

I’m getting there. Back into gym, back into hitting my weekly exercise goals, back into feeling a bit more fit and healthy. If I were twenty years younger, putting this in much effort and doing this much exercise, I’d be a model of abs, sinew and one big bicep by now. But I’m not that age anymore, and it all take so much longer to get back into shape.

Add to that my sudden weaknesses around beer and big baguettes for lunch, and you’ll see why things could be going more quickly than they actually are. I’m going to switch on my will power for a while and see if I can improve the situation. God only knows where I’d be if I wasn’t getting to gym most days.

Augustus Gloop.

And there’s more. I’m playing some friendly football on Sunday in an attempt to get myself a bit more match-fit (hopefully) ahead of a return to the real thing towards the end of next month. The bad news about this is that it’s brought back memories of that Sunday morning friendly session. I’m going to be much more sensible this time around though: if it gets bad (and at the moment it’s forecast to be 28ºC in the shade, which is manageable), I’m going to stop, instead of trying to die. It’ll be my first kick of a ball in three months. I’m looking forward to it, albeit with a little trepidation.

Next week brings with it the start of the Running World Cup – a thing that I’m doing because I would be exercising anyway, so why not have some fun with it? My knee is doing ok on the treadmill, so why wouldn’t it do ok on the road? I’ll test it on the football pitch over the weekend and see if it survives that.

The future is bright: as long as I can start eating a bit more healthily and drinking a bit less. Sadly, neither of those things is going to happen this evening, thanks to a visit to the local curry house with the Molton Brown boys.

But who knows what tomorrow may bring?