Day 50 – The last day

Today is the last day of my lockdown…


photo album on Flickr.

I’ve shared a photo every day of lockdown. Some have been quite good, some have been really very, very bad.

Please click through and have a look.

But now it’s been 50 days. It’s run its course.

It’s time to get back to taking photos of things I want to instead of things I need to. And so it’s time to close.

I’m finishing today on a positive note with the image above, entitled “Look straight ahead: there’s nothing but blue skies” from the Jimmy Cliff song I can see Deirdre now Lorraine has gone.

Of course, there’s a lot more than blue skies to see: poverty, draconian regulations, corrupt government officials and virus… virus everywhere.

But a little blue skies thinking can go a long way to making you forget about all that nastiness.

Day 39 – Today’s photo, today’s mood

Today’s TLD photo is of some dew on some grass. I lay on the floor over the weekend and became damp while taking it. I could have cropped just into that main blade of grass, but that would have meant losing the little pointy guy on the far left. And I think that he’s kind of cute.

One day, I’d like to buy a real macro lens and do real macro photography. I suspect that the South African Rand might have other plans though.

And then today’s mood – this struck a chord.

Sharing the love via Free Hugs is no longer permitted in these days of social-distancing. And quite rightly too – you risk spreading far more than just warmth and affection.

This rhyming approach is far more appropriate for these weird, uncertain times, because honestly, who actually has any clue what’s going on anymore?

Day 30 – Happy Birthday

It can’t be much fun having a lockdown birthday when you are 14 years old. Especially a birthday where you can’t buy anything (save for chocolate and hand soap).

Thus, our 14 year old got chocolate and hand soap for his birthday today, with the promise of “a proper gift” like a rotisserie chicken, once the unnecessarily draconian rules have been relaxed a little.

In the meantime, a long weekend (for what it’s worth) which we will make as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Talking of birds, the kids are doing the annual City Nature Challenge on iNaturalist this weekend. Last year, there was a hike in Silvermine, walks up the Liesbeek River and general freedom. This year, we’re stuck shooting whatever we can in the back garden:

To that end, here’s a Cape White-Eye (Zosterops virens) on the Sunbird feeder. The White-Eye is not a Sunbird, but then the bottle says ‘Brandy’ on the label and it’s certainly not got that in it, so I guess a little deception is par for the course.

I was going to get some other shots of birds in the peace and quiet of lockdown, but next-door are mowing their lawn again and all the birds have flown away.

Day 21 – Mildly delayed

I have been trying to get these daily posts out at 8am, but this one is slightly late.
I’m pretty sure that no-one will notice – is there really anyone frantically hitting refresh at 7:59, like they’re hoping to be the first in line for concert tickets on some underprepared concert ticket website that will then crash 10 seconds later?

Remember going to concerts?
That was fun, wasn’t it?

Anyway. I digress. Often.

Yesterday was a flat, dull, calm, grey day. Horrible for photography, but great for taking the drone up for the first time in ages and having a quick spin out of the back garden. It needs some work on the camera (the drone, not the back garden): the lens plate is slightly damaged, but apparently fixing that is not an essential service, so it’s not going to happen for a while yet. So I was left having to do a  little bit of fiddling in Lightroom, which did at least give me a different image for my photo-a-day Lockdown album on Flickr.

And then, after a quick rain shower, and just as it seemed that all hope of any colour was lost, a watery peach sunset, which I togged from the top of the braai chimney while the braai was in use.

I would not advise this approach.

This photo really is nothing special, but as a symbol of hope and optimism after a miserable grey day, it’s still nothing special.

Today is also grey. Hold tight for the sunset.

Day 12 – Still ‘togging

In case you had forgotten, I’m still sharing a photo each day of the lockdown.

You can see them here.

Today’s image is from an impromptu sesh yesterday afternoon, once the kids had finished their schoolwork and I had done the washing and cleaned the house.
I’m writing this post yesterday evening, and I’ve set it to publish a couple of hours later than usual today so that I can upload the image to Flickr tomorrow this morning so that you can see it when you’re reading this. (The Flickr one is different to the one below.)

We (the kids and I) played with some oil and water photography: a flat-bottomed dish suspended by some books (and a couple of cartons of UHT milk) above an iPad with some bright images on it. I reckon I got three half decent(ish) shots, post-editing, one of which I’ll pop into the album linked to above, and the other two I’ll at least stick onto Flickr if only to see how much better I get when (if) I try this sort of thing again.

All in all, it was a reasonable success: and another hour of lockdown boredom killed before some Minecraft (the boy wonder), a class Zoom call (the girl wonder) and some exercise in the drizzle for me.

As far as entertainment goes, it was completely immiscible.