How To Enjoy Hobbies As A Digital Nomad

If you’ve taken the big decision to leave the hustle and bustle of “normal” life behind and become a digital nomad, you may be worried about your hobbies. How can you maintain your favorite pastimes if you’re always on the move and working remotely? 

There is no doubt hobbies are important and in some ways help to define us. Finding time to connect with what you love to do is vital for your spiritual well being. For remote workers and digital nomads, there are some obstacles in the way. Whether it’s unfamiliar surroundings or a lack of connections in a region, there are challenges to overcome. 

It’s not important if your hobby is making model train sets, playing soccer, playing on NetBet slots, or collecting stamps: there are ways to connect with your hobbies when you are remote.
Here we’ll show you some of the best tips. 

Embrace Your Tech

Whether you love it or hate it, the internet has become the great unifier. Even if your hobby is extremely niche there is going to be a place online where you can connect with people that share it. It may be just a few (but is more likely to be many more), but those people can help you connect with your pastime. 

Having someone to talk to about the things you love is important and fulfilling. Social media groups, forums and websites allow you to be one click away from your hobbies at all times. It’s worth remembering that most remote workers rely on the internet anyway for their job. As you’re likely to be online a lot, you may as well take your hobby on the internet with you. 

Embrace Local Culture

Many digital nomads end up in unfamiliar surroundings quite often. If you’re arriving in a new place and have a passion for live music, you’re not going to know the best local venues. One of the things most remote workers get good at is making friends quickly. By embracing local people and getting to know them, you have a source to find ways to enjoy your hobby. 

Locals will be able to tap you into the heartbeat of a city or town. Again, technology is your friend and services like Facebook groups can help you find people who share your hobby in the area. No matter how niche your hobby is, there is bound to be someone else in your location who shares it. Connecting with locals is the best way to find those people. 

Get Into The Routine

All people who must work to travel understand that the best way to be productive is to have a schedule. And yeah, you need to stick to it. Distractions are frequent and often amazing when you’re a digital nomad, so a schedule will help you to work when you need to. Sticking to a schedule will also give you more free time to explore your hobbies.

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One of the best pieces of work advice for people living remote is to work to a schedule like you would a normal job. Give yourself shifts and set hours so you can better plan your free time. 

How to Bet on Newly Promoted Teams

How betting on newly promoted teams works, and all you need to know to improve your chances of winning when you place bets on underdogs.

Betting on Promoted Teams: All You Need to Know

As a team gains promotion to the top division in a league, facing elite teams is an exciting prospect for both players and fans. Newly promoted teams, however, sometimes find it hard to gain points against these elite teams. Each season, new teams are included into leagues, by relegation or promotion and a lot of bookmakers often support them in several markets.

For the recently relegated, the chances are often better for them while the newly promoted are faced with a difficult struggle to stay in the limelight. Betting on promoted teams is never easy. However, it could be challenging, but also very lucrative, with so many factors and situations surrounding newly promoted teams. You can find some good betting tips in our article.

It is evident that soccer teams struggle to thrive after promotion. However, it could be beneficial for bettors to be able to quantify the struggles of these newly promoted teams. Carefully analysing and predicting the performance of newly promoted teams against elite teams in a higher division can reveal inaccurate odds and unveil value bets. Below is our ultimate guide for wagering newly promoted teams…

Betting on Promoted Teams: What Betting Markets are Available

When betting on promoted teams, many markets are available to bet on. Most online bookmakers offer a range of market positions from promotional to outright relegation contenders. Some of the common markets available are:

  • Relegation
  • Finish Bottom
  • To Avoid Relegation
  • Outright Winner
  • Promotion
  • Top Half Finish
  • Bottom Half Finish

Essentially, you can back a newly promoted team in any market where you can support an elite team.

Things to Consider When Betting on a Newly Promoted Team

When you want to place your wager on newly promoted teams, there are several things to consider. Many factors contribute to the extent to which a team will be successful in a new league. Some of the questions you should ask before betting in favour of new teams include:

How can the Struggles of a Newly Promoted Team Benefit Bettors?

Bookies frequently underestimate the newly promoted teams and their chances of winning a game and tend to offer elite teams higher odds. This allows bettors to use these miscalculations to their advantage. This is simply done by comparing a newly promoted team’s implied probability that it will be able to beat the team on the top six the previous year with the actual odds that it offers and bet on the implied value.

Off the Field Activities

Events off the field can determine how a team performs and can be seriously damaging if the unrest occurs mid-season. Similarly, if a club has seen significant investments from sponsors in recent seasons, it may be expected to use its financial influence to encourage subsequent promotions.

Player/Managerial Changes

Following a successful season, newly promoted teams are often targeted by elite teams. The star players or managers of these new teams are poached by bigger teams. The team could turn out entirely different without them, especially if the team is reliant on such a player or manager. This could nudge the team into relegation and that’s where you should be looking at.

With the knowledge of how things work for newly promoted teams and how they struggle in numbers, you can get the edge on a bookie when trying to bet on the new teams.

Moving On From Sports Betting – The Next Step

So you’re done with sports betting now. Too many curve balls, poor shooting and dodgy refereeing decisions have cost you dearly, and you want to win money on something where you control all the variables. I don’t blame you.

Why would Borussia Dortmund unexpectedly capitulate in the 89th minute against third-tier opposition if not solely to irritate you and spoil your 5 way multi-bet? It can all be very frustrating. 

So how about heading somewhere else, where you (literally) hold all the cards and can make informed decisions based on odds that you understand and can calculate without any extraneous factors which have been costing you money? I’m talking about online casinos – you could be living the high life without leaving your living room. 

You won’t be on your own. Online casinos are a booming business, breaking through the geographical barriers which have limited people’s fun up until now. You don’t have to go to your nearest licensed venue that might be 10, 100 or 1000 miles away – you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. You can do it now!

But if you are going to look for somewhere to play, you’ll find that there is a huge range of operators out there, all vying for your business, and all offering something different to entice you. It might all seem too good to be true, and it probably is, so my advice is not to be taken in with cheap deals or offers which seem wonderful in the short term, but leave you worrying about your account after the sparkle has worn off.
No: rather look for trusted online casinos who will play fair and honour your payments, so that you can concentrate on the important matters, like choosing black or red at the roulette wheel and winning money on the river at the poker table! 

Give yourself some peace of mind by choosing sensibly, and there’s a world full of fun to be had out there. 


Betting Guide, Sites and Apps

The gambling industry has grown in leaps and bound over the years, and this growth is even more prevalent with the rise of smartphones and tablets, making it really seamless for people to be a part of the betting community, free of the conventional hassles.

As a consequence of this latest upward trend, we will try to provide readers with the latest betting trends, apps and sites for the year 2019. This post will serve as a go-to-guide for those looking to get into the betting industry in whatever capacity.

Role of Betting Apps

  • They are portable platforms which offer users the leverage to stake in any place and at anytime.
  • A secure system for depositing and withdrawing funds at any given time.
  • They offer great analysis and statistical information on different sporting events.
  • It is platform made favourable for real-time engagement.

Advantages of Mobile Betting Sites And Apps
There are numerous upsides that accrue from utilising betting sites and apps so much that there would be no need overstating them. But for the most part, one agreeable benefit of mobile apps and sites over previous systems are their ease of access and flexibility. Other benefits might include:

  • Portability: You are afforded the opportunity to bet in any place and at anytime, at your convenience.
  • Real Time updates: Fixtures are updated in real time, so there is never an idle moment.
  • Speed: The speed is really remarkable. You can place your bet in record time.
  • Zero-Marginal Cost: One of the benefits of betting apps is that you enjoy zero-marginal cost of doing business. You don’t get charged for the service. You simply register and start right off.
  • Bonuses: This is one upside that a lot of people love about betting apps and sites. They offer additional bonuses on stakes that can be claimed if won, which is an extra plus.

What To Watch Out For In A Betting App

There are a lot of mobile betting apps online today that it can become hard telling a good one apart. However there are key features to always watch out for when trying to pick a great mobile app. Outlined below are a few of such features:

  • User-friendliness: A good betting app must be user-friendly and be easy to navigate. The main page must contain all the menu with great graphics and icons to make for a great surfing experience.
  • Security: All transactions must be properly secured and encrypted by a trusted and verified payment gateway system.
  • PR service: Tested and trusted betgames should have a great up and running PR/customer service available 24/7 to handle customer complaints.
  • Incentives: A great betting app should be able to offer its users some incentives like bonuses and royalties.
  • Speed: A user should be able to place his or her bet in record time. Also deposits and withdrawal should also be made free of hurdles. Typical bad apps record numerous issues of customers making deposits and not getting reverts after being debited.

Best Mobile Betting Apps And Websites

Bet365 Mobile App
Bet365 is a British gambling and betting service. Its mobile app service features:
A simple but very user-friendly architecture.
Great menu system offering a ton of services.
A good management team
One of the best in the industry
Offers live betting
This service is available for both Android and iOS.

Betway Mobile App
Betway mobile betting app is a subsidiary under the Betway group that is home to several known such as Betway Vegas, Betway Casino, Betway poker etc.

  • This app is superfast.
  • It uses cloud computing technology that makes less use of data.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Real time notification.
  • Available in both iOS and Android

William Hill Mobile App
William Hill plc is a betting service sited in Wood Green, London. Founded in 1934, and has an unbroken track record.
Key features of its app are:

  • It offers a very efficient system.
  • Great user interface.
  • Juggling between two platforms is very easy.
  • Offers live betting.
  • Available in both iOS and Android.

Betfair Mobile App
Known for having the largest online betting exchange in the world. Betfair mobile features:

  • An exchange app.
  • A great user-friendly interface and loads of live-streaming events.
  • Also offers live betting.

Bet the right Way: Online Sports Betting Tips For Advanced Punters

If you’ve been betting and breaking even or even making minor profits for a while, it may be time for you to move to the next stage. While there no secret formula that will make you a daily winner, there are a few principles that can significantly increase your chances of winning and make you a successful punter. However, you’ll want to be careful and avoid betting money that would be otherwise be committed elsewhere. 

Here are a few tips worth using when placing your wager on Betway. However, you’ll need to have a strong grip on the basics of betting to use these tips: 

Always Bet With Value

Betting according to the value in odds is the best way to become a successful sports punter. It’s the only realistic way to regularly and consistently win money when betting. As such, you might be jeopardising your chances of succeeding in the long-term if you don’t find value. That’s one of the key things most punters don’t realise.

Instead of betting for value, most punters bet on the outcome, they think it will most likely happen. That may seem like the most logical approach, though it fundamentally flawed. You might have won lots of wagers by using this approach, but you won’t necessarily make a significant profit overall.

To become a successful bettor at Betway South Africa, you’ll need to realise that success lies in more than just picking as many winners as you can. It’s all about finding a spot where the odds seem to be in your favour and commit your money when you’re expecting positive outcomes. 

Try and Calculate Your Chances of Winning Your Bet

While you may identify value according to the odds given, don’t place your wager until you check the stats. Make sure you clearly understand the statistics and ensure that you can statistically work out the chances of winning. That can be a difficult task to achieve, though there are a couple of basic methods you can consider.

Check Home & Away Form

In general, you need to understand that about half of football, rugby and basketball games end with home wins, while around a quarter end in draws. That’s essentially true across all major professional leagues, meaning that the Home Advantage is real.

One of the most common methods of forecasting involves checking the previous match results in the current season and perhaps the last few seasons. By cross-referencing the home team’s form versus the away team’s form, you can have a rough guide on the match before betting on either team. Of course, it won’t be that easy to win, but that will improve your chances.

Other Form Factors

Injuries / Absences

Absences and injuries can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. That’s because some players are more important than others in matters of attack and defence. In most cases, central defenders and goalkeepers are crucial towards winning, so be warned if one of them is missing. A team captain is also as equally important.

Recent Form & Events

Instead of looking at the season long-form, it’s wise to look at the team’s recent form. The idea is that a team that’s been recently building confidence and has recovered from injury woes is most likely to win. There might also be tactical reasons to oppose or bet on a specific side. For instance, teams threatened by the relegation zone are likely to put in the extra effort compared to a leading team.