Secure and shipshape

My thanks must once again go out to The Guru for his selfless work on the backend of 6000 miles…. this last week or so.
There was an upcoming issue with the plugin which makes the blog look nice on mobile devices (support was going to be withdrawn next month), and thus he sorted the mobile problem before it even materialised and then embarked upon a full redesign for the front, tidied out the metaphorical wardrobes in the spare bedroom and made the whole site secure by… well… if I knew what he did, I’d share, but you should now see a little padlock next to the url at the top of your screen.

You are safe here.


Bloody Sunday.

Busy day. Loadshedding. Heat. A braai. Errands to do.

I made a new header image. It’s up there [points to top of screen].

Too much beagle? Mmmm…

I’m not sold on it just yet so it might change, disappear or… ag… I just don’t know at the moment.

Early night tonight. Knackered.

See you tomorrow.


UPDATE: It’s already been changed. And it might still be changed again.

Image test

As you can see, 6000 miles… has got a lovely new look.

There are going to be a few ongoing changes over the next little while as preferences are tweaked and wrinkles ironed out.
I’m also anxious to test an image with this new theme.

Here are some barns near Caledon, taken in May 2017.
And now I’m going to press publish and see what they look like today…


Hi all. I had plans for a big post this evening, but then parenting got in the way and even though the little darlings are now in bed, I suddenly find myself with even more work to do just so that I can assist with their homework over the next few days. Yes, we’ve reached the limit of my knowledge when it comes to certain subjects. And that also means that I’m way out of my comfort zone. And my dislike of History as an academic subject hasn’t changed since the second year at comprehensive school with Mrs Finch. To be fair, I don’t even like it as a concept.

Add to all that the fact that The Guru is doing some maintenance on the blog behind the scenes (without which it would have stopped working in a few weeks time) (the blog, not The Guru) and I think that it’s just better if I take a hint, step away and do other stuff where I can’t break anything (else).

Let’s chat again tomorrow, when (hopefully) I can furnish you with some proper verbiage.

Thanks for your understanding.

That didn’t work very well

The plan, as you may already know, was to take some time this morning to write a proper blog post. Things started so well: the kids went back to school and were even mildly enthusiastic about doing so, the beagle was fed and settled in for its post-breakfast nap. Perfect.

And then it all started to go astray. Suddenly there were phone calls to make, a wine farm to find, a table to measure (don’t even ask), a shop or two to get to and a last minute dot com photography assignment.
Things fall apart. And they did, a bit.

And so, I’m putting a small one up here now (careful now) and the plan is to put a bigger one up later. Some fun photos of penguins, seals and dolphins (the Holy Trinity of Table Bay sealife) from yesterday. But right now, I’m carefully stepping over the dozing dog and heading off Stellies toe.