Bovine Blockage

Incoming from The Tall Accountant:

I turned into Upper Buitengracht St this morning in front of our building (in the CITY CENTRE) and had to drive around 2 cows!
I kid you not – photo on the way.

And here it is, with the cattle safely removed from the dangerous traffic flow.


It looks like Sheffield on a Friday night. But without the vomit and the fighting.
“Leave ‘im, Buttercup – ‘e’s not worth it!”

For those of you who don’t know where Upper Buitengracht Street is (let alone how to pronounce it), here’s a map showing you just how close this is to the actual centre of the city of Cape Town.


As The Tall Accountant says:

This tops the goat that was loose about a year ago.  

Absolutely. And that thing with those chickens.

9 thoughts on “Bovine Blockage

  1. It’s actually not that unusual to see live stock roaming the streets of Tamboerskloof. Everybody knows Cape Town is a dorp! I actually had to brake quite hard one morning at 4 am, so that a black potbellied pig can saunter over the road. All the roaming farm animals escape from the farm on Millitary Road. So handy including a map. There must be some Virgo in you!

  2. PhillipGibb > Plenty of restaurants. Tempting, isn’t it?

    Andrew > Think of how much bread you’d need…

    Astrodate > We figured that was where they came from. And this blog gets red all over the world – so the map helps those overseas readers out.

    HH > *sigh*

    GaiB > I’m amazed at the number of people who just want to eat these guys!

    Pamela > Because it is.

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