Blog posts I almost forgot to write..

This one.

I was tired. I stayed up for the girls to get back from Shed Eeran last night, and consequently got to bed ever so late.

But then we had a great family day, visiting the Spice Route (nice, but I don’t get the hype) and Fairview (goats, wine, cheese), before a quick trip to the Taal Monument (big, imposing) next door. But the copious amounts of ice cream, chocolate, grappa, and concrete – together with some horrible traffic on the way home – left me sleepy and my knee decidedly grumpy.

A quick walk around the block would sort that before blogging, but even then I was distracted by two old men fighting over a golf club on the school field. It was all a bit weird.

And so I almost forgot to write this.

Fortunately, as we all now know, that didn’t happen, and this blog post did happen.

Exciting day ahead tomorrow. But more about that… tomorrow.

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