Blades wins poll “fairly overwhelmingly”

Yes, I clicked through on this Sport24 story thinking it had something to do with Sheffield United. It didn’t.

Instead, I learned that Hugh “Blades” Bladon had been voted SA’s favourite rugby commentator in a poll on the Sport24 website.

Apparently Hugh’s was a “landslide victory”, polling, as he did, 34% of the vote. His win was described by the site as being “fairly overwhelming”.

Can something really be “fairly overwhelming”? Isn’t that like being “a bit unique”? Surely when wanting to downplay the meaning of “overwhelming” somewhat, you should just use the word “whelming”?

4 thoughts on “Blades wins poll “fairly overwhelmingly”

  1. I think he may have written that piece himself; it could also be a “telling victory” … he is entertaining (as Murray Walker was in his later years) but surely not a “good” commentator by any stretch of the imagination (or whiskey glass)

  2. I am sure Blades is decent commentator, but jayzuz, he loses the plot with the player names. “Great steal by Kolisi on the floor…” and then it turns out it is Tiaan Liebenberg, who’ not just a different skin colour, he also carries a different number on his back. And I am sure Blades looks deep into a bottle during the game – he sometimes sounds as if he’s slurring.

    Our commentators have a lot to learn – as much as I hate the Aussies, a couple of their guys are at least funny (Phil Kearns) and ol Murray Mexted from the Kiwis throws the old faux pas in at least once a game (remember when he called a clean up at a game a few years ago, a gigantic blowjob?) . Can you imagine that level of entertainment from Blades and Co? No way… I must say I enjoy SKinstad and Pearce together. But please help save us from Kobus Wiese and Brosnihan!

  3. Maggie > He’s a legend. Very knowledgeable, even if he does get it wrong sometimes.

    Hennie @ Batonage > I think “Blades” is getting left behind in the “new world order” of commentary. Namely that you have to be funny (entertaining, at least) and not just tell people what’s going on in the game.

  4. Never rated SA commentators, sometimes wonder if they are watching the same game. Remember one instance where the coment was along the line that the team was celebrating as if they had won, when in fact they had won.
    The kiwis are one eyed, hard to take them seriously.
    I enjoy the Aussies, evenhanded and knowledgeable.

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