Climbing London

Let me start by reminding you that trespass is bad. Trespass can get you arrested, unless of course you’re a protesting student at a South Africa university with a continually capitulating VC, in which case you’ll pretty much be allowed to get away with anything. But I digress, often. Don’t trespass. Let other people do […]


An abandoned factory in Sheffield apparently makes for an interesting photo subject. I know this because I saw karl101’s photo album on flickr and then I looked around some more and found some more photos here and here. I’ve lived the  Urbex life both vicariously and fairly regularly on this blog through people like silentUK and, […]

Lisbon Bridge

Bust day today – and many plans (including draught beer) this evening. Thus, a quick quota photo courtesy of the latest post from SilentUK: This time, they’re 190m up on top of the 2,278m long Salazar Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal and have, as ever, posted some amazing photographs. You can find more SilentUK related posts on […]