Iceland at Eurovision

I know. Iceland. Land of volcanoes, glaciers, landscape photographers, that big, steamy outdoor swimming pool and puffins. And – hopefully – Eurovision success this year, because this song is quite good and the video is really rather funny. I had no idea what a conservative (maybe pious?) Icelandic home looked like inside – or rather, […]

Iceland whale tourism idea is brilliant

Iceland. Land of ice. And volcanoes. And financial ruin (like everywhere else these days). And puffins. They’ve come up with another gem of an idea to attract visitors to their lump of rock: Whale watching – with a twist. You get to eat what you see. Watching and hunting whales “work perfectly together” in a […]

The other Icelandic export

The spotlight this week has been firmly placed on Iceland. Iceland is of course, best known for giving the rest of the world two things: Volcanic ash & Björk. Its major import is money from investors across Europe, which it loses and doesn’t give back. With my psuedo-Viking heritage, it’s somewhere I have always wanted to […]