Cape Town Firewood Advice

I like it when local businesses do well. I especially like when they do well because they offer really good service. Getwine springs immediately to mind. I ordered from them again today, as it happens, and I have enthused about them before on here several times. And now, step forward The Fireman: Superior quality DRY […]

There’s a lesson here…

I’ve enthused about Getwine on the blog before, most notably here and here. For those of you who missed those posts or have simply forgotten what I wrote about, here’s what Getwine says Getwine is: GETWINE is a South African Wine Portal which allows you to easily buy superb South African wine online and have […]

Working Nine to Five

So sang Dolly Parton, anyway. I’m not sure that those still count as modern day working hours, but in the absence of any other more recent popular country pop music hit which includes a reasonable update, we’re going to have to assume that they do. And, given that I placed my wine order with Getwine […]