Ugh… Cyclists

Ugh… Cyclists. When they’re not jumping red lights, riding seventy-four abreast through Kalk Bay every weekend or whining about their morning jaunt being cancelled, they’re defecating in their hands and flinging it at fellow road-users. Poo flinging? How very Capetonian. But amazingly, the victim of the attack has come in for criticism after sharing the […]

Cyclists must now “stay alive at 1…”

Ooh. Cyclists. My favourite people. The new cycling laws come into force in the Western Cape today, and the biggie is that, as a driver, you must allow at least 1 metre between the side of your vehicle and any cyclist or you will be a criminal. I’m not sure that this will make cyclists […]

Cyclists still at it

As yet another cyclist was knocked off his bike in Fish Hoek this weekend: David Swingler was injured while cycling along Kommetjie Road in Fish Hoek late on Saturday morning. Police spokesperson Bernadine Steyn said Swingler and a white Toyota Quantum minibus taxi had been travelling in the same direction on the dual-lane road. They tried […]

(Beach fisher)men are trash

Much like cyclists, it’s the 98% of beach fishermen that give the other 2% a bad name. The beaches of Cape Agulhas are hugely popular with beach fishermen because of the rich variety of fish to be found there. Consequently, the beaches of Cape Agulhas are also hugely littered with the detritus from this pastime, […]

Good cycle service

Sadly, SA is not noted for its customer service. Or rather, it is, but not in a good way. That’s why when I have some good customer service, I like to tell people about it. So said some witty, intelligent, handsome individual some time ago. And not much has changed in the intervening period, so […]