World Cup goal quota photo

With England already out, you might think that there’s no reason for me to continue to show interest in the World Cup. But I wasn’t really expecting much of England and I’m actually not a huge fan of the national football team. In fact, I was more bothered about losing SuperBru points in the Uruguay game (I had 1-1) than the fact that Rooney et al. were heading home.


Anyway, you’d be wrong about the lack of interest thing, because it’s football; it’s the beautiful game and I will watch every minute that I can simply because of that.


And proving that you can do beautiful photography of the beautiful game, here’s a fantastic photo by Siphiwe Sibeko of Clint Dempsey scoring for the USA against Portugal. It’s one of the many on the ever-growing Telegraph World Cup Photo Album.

Not the first time we’ve connected the name “Siphiwe” with a bulging World Cup net either, is it?