Tickets please!

How exciting – look what I got in the post last night:

Two of them, in fact.

Now there’s just a couple of flights to organise, a reasonably priced hotel room in Oslo (is there such a thing?) and a couch here and there in the UK.
Oh, and if you’re reading this, Mr Carter – as you should be – you’re proving rather difficult to get hold of!

  • I must admit that I am rather jealous. Despite you know, most of their career being over before I was able to talk or walk and everything.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..The five month rush =-.

  • Tara > Yeah, but you’re still learning, dear.

  • Mr Carter

    I’m reading and have done some investigation…there is no such thing as a cheap hotel room in Oslo…however, we have a few good customers in Norway who wiare trying to source something for us. To coin a famous Hannibal saying…I love it when a plan comes together! Oh, and we can offer you more than a couch…much more in fact! Skype this weekend?? Tomorrow??

  • Or you could just become friendly with a Norwegian blogger or two, who might offer you a bed for the night! Pity you’re not going in the summer, as there is a blogger convention going on on Oslo… hosted by a whole bunch of Norwegian bloggers! 😀

    PS. The rooms will probably be cheaper than the alcohol…
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Testing, testing =-.

  • Mr Carter > Oh dear. Does this mean that our room will be built in an old garage handily containing a jeep, six metres of heavy duty stell tubing, some gunpowder and the ubiquitous welding gear.
    Pity the fool who tries to make me sleep in that.

    HH > Alcohol I know. Prisene er skremmende! And especially when one is calculating back to the good old ZAR. Det er trist når jeg ikke har råd til en båre.

  • Kanskje en sovepose ville være bedre enn en båre! Eller enda en seng på et hotell!

    PS. Impressed with the norsk, I am 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Testing, testing =-.

  • HH > A sleeping bag? In Oslo? On December 2nd?

  • What?? And a stretcher is any better?? I did also say bed in a hotel, mind you 😛 and I guess any hotel accom is going to be expensive once you involve the good ol’ ZAR! 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..24 Hours… =-.