The Varying Prices Of A Prime Circle Concert Ticket

We were going to go along to see Prime Circle on Thursday night, but something came up, so we’re not going  to do that any more.

That said, if we were desperate to catch them on their acoustic tour of the Western Cape, there are/were several other opportunities:


But look at those prices. Some few variations, no?

I recognise that venue costs and ticket sales may differ from place to place, but can a difference of 108.3% for the same concert really be justified? Prime Circle are well established on the local scene and I’m sure they’ve rehearsed ahead of time. I can’t honestly believe that they will be 108.3% better this Thursday in Hout Bay than they were last Friday at the Waterfront.

As pointed out, lovely though they may be, R250 for 60 minutes with a local band is a bit of a stretch:

…we find it disturbing that a South African band (and obviously the events organiser and venue behind it), could think that it is appropriate for live music goers to spend R250 on an ‘unreserved seating’ ticket, with absolutely no perks and no support acts for a 1 hour performance on a Thursday night.

But then, it is at an ever so trendy, local ‘farmers’ market‘, where people mysteriously seem willing to pay extra for stuff just… because.

Anyway, as I pointed out, we’re not going along, but if you’re planning on doing so, then maybe go last week and not on Thursday. As a couple, I’m sure you could find something reasonable to do with the R260 you’ll be saving.

* (un)surprisingly, there are still many tickets available for Thursday evening.