• Stan

    My whole family (2 kids, my wife and I) had them, one got a bit damp, had to throw it away, one got dropped, son fell on top of it, needed a new screen, expensive business. I tried talking to Samsung about the damp one, their customer service is non existant, plus I paid $90 for them to have a look at it to be told it would cost $900 to fix, I could buy new for $450 (something seriously wrong there but I could get no sense out of them). Personally, I wouldn’t touch them again with a barge pole. My rant for the day.

  • Stan > But other than that, you’d recommend them, right?

  • Henry Crun

    I’d send you a whole box, but they might be all melted by the time they get there.

  • You need 24 people to give you R389 each and you are sorted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Henry Crun > You had overheating issues?

    Tara > Or 389 people to give me R24 each.

  • They are rubbish. Save for an iPad 2 rather.

  • Henry Crun

    Oh, I thought you meant one of these

  • Bloubergman > iPad 2? That’s so yesterday (as of 28th April).

    Henry Crun > Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maybe yesterdays news but still kicks 7 colours of shite outta the Sammy.