Technology is great…

…when it works.

Draft night was good fun last night, but mere minutes before its conclusion, the technology decided to “roll back” the draft “up to and including round 1, pick 1”.

161 players were lost. Yes, including Mo Salah.

Fortunately, some much-appreciated manual labour by El Presidente means that we now find those 161 players reallocated to their respective fantasy teams and we go again this evening to fill the remaining 31 positions. Three of those picks are mine, and I have two surefire winners in mind. I’ll probably mess up the other one, as usual.

In tenuously related news, I paid for my pizza and beer last night with six R20 notes. That’s because technology is great when it works.
I drew R600 from the ATM on Monday, and every last Rand came out in R20 notes. We have R50s, R100s and even R200s, and you can work out many, many permutations making up 600 bucks… but oh no, I had to get thirty brown ones. Why would any machine think that was a good idea? Now my wallet is so full, it hurts when I sit on it, but I’m still not ever so rich.

Technology is great. When it works.