59 minute zipline

Google gave me this gem this morning…

Fantastic, but I’m going to need a bit more information now. Fortunately, there’s a whole internet out there, so a bit more information wasn’t a problem.

The zipline in question is Límite Zero. And yes, it’s all true:

Our visitors are provided a unique experience crossing over the River Guadiana from Spain to Portugal on the first cross-border zip line in the world. Along the 720 metres joining the two countries users cross over the river at speeds between 70 and 80 kilometres per hour, literally flying through time and gaining one hour because of the time zone change between both countries.

So technically, the ride actually lasts 59 minutes.

Once you arrive in Portugal (there’s absolutely no mention of needing a passport, but then if you’re in Spain then you are probably allowed into Portugal anyway, right?) you walk down to the river that you’ve just whizzed over and you catch a ferry back to Spain. Your ferry trip is included in your zipline price. Bargain.

I have once swum across the border between South Africa and Namibia and there was also an hour difference in time then. It was also much slower than 70 to 80 kph. Chad le Clos, I am not. However, it was much quicker than actually legally going across the border. And with fewer passports involved.

Límite Zero isn’t going to make it onto my bucket list, but if I ever do make it to the south of Spain, I might shell out the €20 for a ride. After all, it is a pretty unique experience.

New Cape Town zipline sounds like fun

This sounds like a lot of fun:

Come 1 November 2014, and Cape Town will have its very own ‘foofy-slide’ zipping over the national heritage area on the southern side of Table Mountain near Constantia Nek.
It hangs up to 155 meters above the tree canopy below and stretches over 2,3km. The longest zipline cable on the route is 470 meters.

“Table Mountain” Ja. OK.
But already, I am twitching with mounting excitement.

And, in even better news for fat people, this is an all-inclusive ride – you can join in too:

The cable can carry up to 16 tonnes and will be tested with a 3 ton weight block before opening to ensure the experience is both thrilling and safe for sliders.

If you weigh more than three tonnes, you’ll probably either need to make special arrangements with the owners first, or set up a chain of poorly-rated B&Bs and a hypercritical website all about local eating establishments. Your call.

The new zipline is set to open on November 1st, and they’re already taking online bookings here. And when you pay up, here’s a taste of what you’re in for (Pro Tip: if you don’t understand Afrikaans, just look at the pictures):

 Sign me up!