And that was it.

The end of the holiday will hit me full on in the earhole early tomorrow morning, as my alarm clock wakes me for another day of toil in the lab. It’s the downside to having a break: the inevitable return to reality. Having been off work for 11 whole days, during which time we drove literally thousands of kilometres and paddled for literally another several, it’s going to be tough to face real life head on in the morning.

And it’s not even as if it’s going to be that bad. Most kids go back to school tomorrow, but thanks to the vagaries of the SA private schooling system, ours have an extra day off. So that’s an extra hour in bed.
Wednesday morning… well… Wednesday morning  is going to be obscene.

The good news is on the horizon. Another long weekend (and another, shorter trip away) at the end of the month. It’s not too long to wait.

And that’s what will keep me going tomorrow. After that though, I don’t know. The next long weekend isn’t until the middle of June.


Non stop

Lab work, interviewing nurses in Somerset West, a Skype meeting that went on far longer than it should, home to braai and then pack for a short trip tomorrow (more of that… tomorrow).
It’s past 10 and I’ve only just sat down.

Probably best that you’re willing to settle for a photo of a heron on a tree top, then.
More from a (not really) mystery location tomorrow.

Can’t stop 

I’ve been so busy today. Kids party, dog walking, dog bathing, shopping, some DIY for the family, some DIY at home, and then we’re taking the kids out this evening. (Not in a hitman way, ok?) 

I probably won’t get chance to write even a short blog post, so sorry for that in advance.  

Accurate numbers

I’m on holiday, and not missing presentations at work one little bit. 🙂

dilbert stats

In other news, congratulations are due, as 6000 miles… has just welcomed its 7 trillionth visitor.

Yay us.

Last minute rush

I’m going away for a while. Posts will continue on here, as they always do when I go away for a while.
I would hate to leave you hanging.

In the meantime, normal (work) life continues without me. And it goes a little something like this:


I’m just at that first red peak, descending happily into the yellow zone at the moment.

Which explains why this post is so very brief.