Wales, last year

Incoming from a correspondent – a photograph which includes a lighthouse.


Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for a photograph which includes a lighthouse, and this is no exception. I’m told that this is Porthcawl in the midst of a 2015 winter storm. Whether that’s correct or not (looking at images having googled ‘Porthcawl’ would suggest that it is), it’s an amazing picture.

While all the focus is drawn to the dramatic, angrily competing seas centre stage, the nearly insignificant red light of the lighthouse plays a wonderful cameo on the left.

Very nice.

Thanks A Correspondent 

Coastal QP

The sea is looking spectacular today, but photos – especially with my phone – just don’t do it justice.


Still, no harm in trying, unless you almost get washed out to sea while you’re at it. Which I did.

This was inside the reef at Suiderstrand; beyond it were mental 7 metre swells, which would definitely have finished me off.


It’s been a wild day down in Cape Town. Torrential downpours, hail and thunder, interspersed with brief spells of glorious sunshine. It made for a good day to get out and see the huge swells generated by the storm front that made landfall yesterday evening.

Because of last night’s rain, Chapman’s Peak Drive was closed, so it was impossible to do both town and the deep south, thus I chose to drive the kids down around the peninsular, taking in the baboons in Kommetjie, the waves at Slangkop and Misty Cliffs, the “fresh breeze” at Scarborough and the bonking ostriches near Cape Point.

Looks, the waves were great, the scenery fantastic, but I could have done without the ostrich display, if I’m honest.

The photos of the afternoon are here. And yes, some hot ornithological action is included, purely for educational purposes.

I can dream

Stuck as I am in a hospital bed (or, if things have gone horribly awry, a mortuary fridge) in the land-locked southern suburbs, I am probably unable to enjoy a nice sea view out of the window (there are no windows in a fridge).
So, I’ll probably be mostly dreaming of getting out and about again soon for some crashing surf and blustery beach walks on the Cape coast. Meanwhile, here’s a quick quota photo to keep me going:

Of course, if I actually am in a mortuary fridge, this is going to appear horribly creepy, so I should probably tell you that this was written pre-op, as there’s no wifi in here and my fingers are too stiff to type.