I’m at Uncle Paul’s, that bastion of Southern Suburbs privilege, for the last time this evening. (Not for the last time this evening, although actually that as well, but I mean that it’s our final Uncle Paul’s.)
We are officially veterans. And I’ve noticed a couple of things over the years.

The standard of behaviour has steadily declined. Kids and adults. They may as well not bother with rules. And the level of parental responsibility seems to have gone the same way too. Now, those two may be directly linked – I’d guess that the latter directly exacerbates the former.

I would also suggest that it’s a perfect measure of the way our society is headed.

And that’s not ideal. 🙁

Uncle Paul’s Christmas Party

We went, we got covered in hay, we survived. And the boy, who we expected to be asleep by 8 o’clock was still throwing himself from an alarming height into huge piles of hay gone 10pm. I can’t remember ever seeing him so excited and happy. It was wonderful to watch.

Getting any decent photos from quite difficult because of the low light, the (usually rapidly) moving subjects and the huge amount of dust in the air from the hay fights, which was picked out whenever I used the flash. Still – I did my best (including several (or more) point and shoot efforts for the folks back home) and the results are here.