Good save

Actually, not “good save”. “Good” doesn’t do it justice. Any adjectives which would do it justice would have to be conjoined with a swearword.

But then if you were doing about 150mph (241kph) between two very solid looking dry stone walls on a chunk of metal whose only contact with the ground is about a handprint’s worth of rubber, and you had a wobble like this:

…then, in my opinion, the use of any swearwords – copiously and vociferously – is entirely justified. James Hillier (for it are he) went on to finish 4th in the Senior TT (which is what this was).

I know that your time is valuable, but the whole video is only 33 seconds long, so DO keep watching for the slo-mo. Oh, my goodness.


That’s the average speed in miles per hour of Northern Ireland’s Michael Dunlop as he obliterated the previous lap record around the Isle of Man TT course earlier this week.

Such is the enormity of this achievement that the organisers have decided to publicly share that lap of the usually hugely copyright-bound racing. It makes for some scary, but compulsive viewing.

Do yourself a favour and find 17 minutes to watch this.

Length of circuit:
37.733 miles (60.725 km)

Lap record:
16 minutes 58.254 seconds
= average speed of 133.393 mph (214.675 km/h)

Absolutely mental!


There’s a really nice piece in the Telegraph about the Isle of Man TT Races and specifically the dangers that the riders face when doing 200mph + through the villages. The comments of regular rider (and winner) John McGuinness are particularly good:

No one is pointing a gun at your head. Everyone knows the risks and they are happy to race on that basis.

Two more deaths this year have focused more attention on safety at the races, but as Tom Cary reiterates:

As long as the riders are not endangering anyone else – and there have been deaths to spectators and officials down the years, of course – then who is to say they cannot put their bodies on the line on closed roads?

Anyway, it’s worth a read, and the film it is loosely promoting – Road – looks interesting, too.

Tiltshift TT

Here’s a fun little video, timeously blogged just ahead of the 2014 Isle of Man TT races.

Tilt-shift stuff is a fun effect to chuck onto photos of cars, buildings and whatever else, but you don’t often see it used on videos. Well, maybe you do if you happen to be a tiltshift video fan, but prior to this, I haven’t been and so I think this is a bit cool and quirky.

Yes, I know it’s just a focusing effect playing tricks on my brain, but how cool are all those little people on their little motorbikes?

All in all, a nice descriptive video of the hustle, bustle and energy of the TT races.