Another flying thing blog post

(After we doubled (or trebled?) up in this one.)

Drug-taking. It’s all the rage in France at the moment. A number of fairly famous drug-takers are cycling around the country in their annual tour, and weirdly, people still want to watch them doing it.

People can be odd.

Best way to watch EPO-fuelled bike riding? Helicopter.

Helicopter times 3, in fact. With drunk pilots.

OK, so clearly, those pilots aren’t drunk. That was a slur against them and their profession in exactly the same way that saying the cyclists are cheating wasn’t. Those circling manoeuvres, avoiding each other and any surrounding buildings and countryside are the perfect way to film the race.

Other not drunk people who have made pretty patterns in the sky more locally include a BA Captain and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.

Bike trip

This is superb.

What would you do if someone lent you the road bike that Bradley Wiggins won the 2012 Tour de France on? Run some red lights in Kalk Bay? Terrorise locals on Sea Point Prom? Or take it out for a quick spin around some really road bike unfriendly places in the UK, like Martyn Ashton does?

Much like Danny MacAskill’s Way Back Home (featured here back in August), I’m amazed at the abilities on show. And this is on a £10,000 carbon fibre road bike.


For those interested, the music is Sound of Guns “Sometimes”. And for a little bit of 6000 trivia, I’ve run across the lake featured at 3:35. I can also turn water into beer, given a few weeks and some rudimentary brewing equipment.