Catching up on Flickr

Time seems to have accelerated somewhat since we got back from the UK. We landed in Cape Town on Monday morning and it’s already November. Or something.

Anyway, I’ve been doing my best to sort through the few thousand photos I took while we were away and I’m happy to say that I have got them down to a couple of hundred and finally put them up onto Flickr in the Heading North 2012 Collection.

That’s a couple of them above and obviously, there are plenty more where they came from, from the sublime to the slightly less sublime. Go, enjoy, make my stats look better.

It only lasted 30 seconds

Story of my life.

I did help to raise almost £6000 for charity though.

Photos to follow from the UK, where we’re headed tomorrow as the Heading North 2012 tour enters its final week.


The kids had a ride on the Isle of Man Steam Railway this morning.


Then later on, I picked up my tin bath. I’m not fat [stop sniggering at the back], but apparently I’m right on the upper weight limit for floating in a tin bath. This is not what I wanted to hear. Saturday afternoon in Castletown harbour – wetsuit free – is going to be VERY cold.

Tin Bath News

Great news. I get to pick up my Tin Bath tomorrow evening.
The venue seems legit – “the back of a big green barn just before the Malew Street junction” at 6:30.

Weather for the actual event looks pretty awful: 15°C, grey and drizzly. It’s pretty much what we’ve had since we arrived. The kids have given up on ever seeing the sun again and are now perfectly happy playing in the rain. Thankfully, those unpleasant metrological conditions on Saturday will probably make the harbour water seem positively tropical.

Or am I just being overly hopeful?