January’s highbrow moment

“Better late than never”, so the old adage goes.
“Better never late!” as my Mum used to say.

But this is ever so slightly behind schedule, such as any schedule exists for the monthly 6000 miles… crossword puzzle. So apologies for that.

Anyway, I know you’ve been waiting, so without any further ado:


Starts ok, doesn’t it? 1 across is an absolute doozy.
But you can leave me with your forging warpaths by the time we get to number 18.

As ever, if you can’t see the crossword above, click here to reload the original page.

Weekend puzzle

Meh. Friday. It’s almost the weekend. Don’t @ me.

Last month’s 6000 miles… crossword post was a huge success. A whole two people got in touch about it. Not all of the comments were positive, but equally not all of them were negative either and that’s a new record for this blog.

Thus, without further ado, here’s this month’s offering:

(Again – if you don’t see an interactive crossword puzzle above, click here to reload this page.)

Nice early invoking of this guy.

Even I managed to get quite a few clues this time around.
How did you get on?