Summer is coming

Not for us, of course. Winter is on its way for us, as indicated by the cooler evenings and later sunrises (which are already sitting at 0645, meaning that we get up very much in the dark). No, I’m obviously referring to the Northern hemisphere, which has been struggling with snow, ice, cold days and colder nights for the past few months.

A time for happiness, then?

Well, not for everyone, no. Because, as we’ve covered before, summer brings leaves to the trees and leaves on the trees block those views which you want(ed) to photograph.

But never has the displeasure at the approaching onset of foliage been expressed quite like this:

I think I see some leaves, even in this photo, evergreen leaves, attached to the tree on the right as we look. But there was, today, nothing like the visual ruination that will engulf everything in a few months time, turning intricately pleasing urban-rural counterpoint into a big old smudge of rural tedium.

There will be photographers of the pastoral persuasion who will have precisely the opposite opinion to this. But they can keep on taking photos of trees with leaves, without anything beyond being masked, obscured or hidden. No-one is stopping them. But in just a few weeks, Brian and his fellow (Northern) city-based ‘toggers will, once again, have to seek out new tree-free spots in order to fill their quota of images of entirely visible skyscrapers.

Current Affairs

It’s actually quite hard to blog when you’re not watching the news, reading the twitter or doing anything except planning your next week off work. Thus, I don’t have any incisive insight into the current state of affairs in SA or the world in general, because I actually don’t know what that state of affairs is right now. Look, based on previous experience of these sort of things, it’s probably not great. But if you were here for that sort of cutting edge opinion, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. (Spoiler: you were going to be sorely disappointed anyway.)

Instead, I bring you a photo of a butterfly (I’m no expert, but I think that this one is an Acraea horta), taken this morning while walking the beagle (us, not the butterfly) in Newlands Forest.

It was a nice walk in the shade of the trees, and we all had fun. The beagle was less impressed when it got bathed when we got home, but cheered up a bit when it got fed. It’s worth remembering that a beagle’s favourite food is anything.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent preparing for a trip down to Agulhas for New Year, during which time you can probably expect shorter, photo-filled posts on here, increased Instagram activity and the already bulging Summer 2015 album on Flickr to swell even further. I’m determined to relax, drink beer, walk on the beach and listen to some music – sometimes all at the same time – while I’m down south.

Come live vicariously through 6000 miles…

P.S. The game last night finished 4-0. I was finished long before then though.

More like it

Today was a good day. Blue skies, sunshine, swimming pools and a bit of Stellenbosch.
There were strawberries, there was brandy (good brandy), and there was wine (my favourite wine, nogal). Later, if the stars are to be believed, there may even be very nice Asian food. And in between, there was even time to get some photos up onto Flickr.

It would seem that the summer holidays are well and truly underway. And I’m quite happy about that.

keDecember continues apace

Although there’s still a bit of laboratory work to be done, things have slowed down considerably. As an example, one of my more taxing engagements today involved watching the kids play in the pool.

Another was walking the beagle on the local school field, thus:


It’s actually quite difficult to find this sort of thing in any way stressful.

Later this evening, a “Carols By Candlelight” event, which is actually a “Carols By Glowstick” event, thanks to the Nanny State overreacting to those people that never got hurt in that fire that never happened during Hark The Herald Angels Singe (pun intended), a couple of years back.


Nothing from me today. Apologies if you were looking forward to the shining wit that you’re used to me providing you with.
First proper day of summer, see?
Things need done.