Quite Astonishing Sunset

Suiderstrand, this evening. Seriously (and I have given this some thought), the most amazing sunset I think I have ever seen.

This is the Instagram upload (but #nofilter, ok?) because I don’t have bandwidth and service to upload the “proper” pictures from out here in die bos.  I’ll tag a link to them when I get back to Cape Town, so come back tomorrow evening.

UPDATE: Here they are.

This evening, though?
Quite astonishing.

Ok. Photos.

It occurred to me that I could get seriously bogged down in photo and video editing. Especially that latter, since I have no experience in that (although I have taken advice from several Mavic Facebook groups and downloaded this free package). Great for beginners, but supremely powerful, apparently.

But enough of that – I’m getting seriously bogged down in telling you what I think I’ll get seriously bogged down in. Meta distraction.

The upshot is that I uploaded the photos from the weekend onto Flickr. Bear in mind that I’m still learning (and that there was Sport Mode to play with), so they’re no masterpieces. But when I look back at my original efforts with a DSLR and stuff like that, I can see how I have learned and improved, so hopefully this will follow the same pattern.

So – here they are. Be kind, be gentle. And please marvel at the gorgeous Cape Agulhas coastline, which really doesn’t need a fancy drone or a decent photographer to be stunning.

The videos? They – as I eluded to earlier – are going to take a bit longer. However, I have already applied to mobygratis.com for some accompanying chilled electronica, so that’s a start, right?

Beam me up

It’s been a while since I’ve done a quota photo, but work is really busy* and this evening is full, so here’s one I made earlier.

Crepuscular rays near Cape Agulhas last month. Reminding me of something out of Star Trek – hence the title.

Bigger on black here.


* diplomatic terminology.

Quote Ship n Sunset

Very short on time today, and with a family meal out this evening, there’s a real danger that this will be the day when I fail to blog for the first time in [a length of time I don’t have the time to calculate right now].


If ever there was a call for a quota photo, this can like to be it.


That there would be the Chinese Heavy Lifting Vessel Xiang Rui Kou, disappearing into the South Atlantic sunset.

And this would be me saying that’s quite enough shipping for this week, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Weekend pics

No puffadders this time, although there was a Cape Mole Rat (Georychus capensis) carcass on the beach near that puffaddery spot. Maybe it had been puffaddered…

Elsewhere in the pics, more startrails efforts (I still think I’m getting better, slowly), a beagle, some (or more) rainbow shots and a scorpion which got instagrammed.

And then this:


I’ve posted many Suiderstrand sunsets on Flickr and on here before, but up until now, absolutely none of them had featured the Heavy Lifting Vessel Xiang Rui Kou. I’m happy to say that this heinous omission has now been rectified. More of the Xiang Rui Kou on Flickr via the link below.
Oh – and it’s full of elephant photos too.

Here’s the link