Wales, last year

Incoming from a correspondent – a photograph which includes a lighthouse.


Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for a photograph which includes a lighthouse, and this is no exception. I’m told that this is Porthcawl in the midst of a 2015 winter storm. Whether that’s correct or not (looking at images having googled ‘Porthcawl’ would suggest that it is), it’s an amazing picture.

While all the focus is drawn to the dramatic, angrily competing seas centre stage, the nearly insignificant red light of the lighthouse plays a wonderful cameo on the left.

Very nice.

Thanks A Correspondent 


It’s Sunday, and I may still be around. I’m not 100% sure, because I’m writing this on Saturday and there’s a rather large storm headed towards Agulhas this evening. We’re talking 90kph winds and plenty (or more) of rain.

It’s already breezy, but I like this sort of weather, and I’m not the only one:


We watched this guy having fun in the surf near the Mees Suidelike Punt. I suspect that tomorrow’s (er… that’s now today’s) forecast wind may be a bit much for kiteboarding. It may actually be a bit much for anything other than red wine and a roaring fire, but fortunately, we have those bases well covered.

Cape Storm

What an amazing weekend. There was wind, hail, rain, sunshine. There were waves, floods, brooding clouds, open fires and numerous glasses of brandy.


While the subject matter for great photography was obviously all there, the weather and/or the light, together with a distinct lack of skill (perhaps exacerbated by the brandy?), made it difficult to translate it into pixels. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun trying though: here’s the flickr set with some stuff I did manage to get.

Also now up in the Stuff from June set – photos from Giraffe House.

Jason Hayden Cape Town storm pic is wow

There were thousands of tweets and much general sharing and admiration of a photo, apparently taken by one Jason Hayden, of the storm which hit Cape Town early on Saturday morning and woke up all the children in the city by about 5:30am.

[EDIT: Nov 17 2017 But then, suddenly  3½ years after I wrote this post, Jason got in touch, angrily demanding that I tell him where I had got the photo from (the hint’s in the first line of the post, mate) and objecting to my sharing it, so here it isn’t:







What followed for anything south of Hospital Bend was a day of high winds, heavy rain and general seeking of shelter, blankets and red wine.

If you’ve checked the forecast for this week, we’re going to do it all again on Wednesday!

Things were much quieter this Monday morning, so while we’re doing a blog post of borrowed photos, how about this one from the new Kirstenbosch Treetop Canopy Walkway – “the Boomslang”?


Two very different mornings in Cape Town.

Photo credits: not Jason Hayden & Adam Harrower via twitterttp://


We’ve had a rough couple of days in Cape Town, but this isn’t a photo directly related to them.

This is a photo by local photographer Henk Kruger and was apparently taken in September.

It seems apt to share it after the last 24 hours or so.