Fitter, happier…

more productive.

I’ll be honest. I’m not feeling very fit or very happy at the moment. But I have been rather productive today. It started with the realisation that the study was a mess. While I share this room with everyone else in the house (much like the rest of the house, to be honest), I have my own little corner of the study where my laptop, my camera stuff and Florence the Mavic live. My space. Not like the trashy old social media site. I mean it’s actually My Space.

But my little corner was a jumble of wires and gadgets and it was beginning to get me a bit stressed. So, I tidied it up. Not just in a rearranging the clutter kind of way, but in a bold, cable tie-utilising and attaching wires to the wall kind of way. The semi-permanent change kind of way that won’t allow for it to become messy again any time soon.

It looks better. I’m less stressed. Things are where I want them and it looks tidier, neater… more productive.

I’m almost tempted to embark on a digital spring clean while I’m on a roll.

Spring clean

This is a suitably out-of-season post then. While the Northern and Southern Hemispheres may differ diametrically in seasons, precisely neither of them are currently in Spring.
Never mind, we’ll soldier on.

This is about spring cleaning your technical devices, and it’s important:

Like your car, or your kitchen, your tech devices will run best when they’re maintained properly — and that means finding time to do all those low-level maintenance tasks that aren’t much fun, but can keep everything stable and smooth, and avoid problems in the future.

I can’t remember the last time that I maintained my kitchen to be honest, but well, yes – the car thing stands.

So, herewith a Gizmodo guide of several things that you can do to make your tech run more smoothly. They’re all common sense, but if it wasn’t for reminders like this, you’d probably just not remember to do them.
So yes, it’s dull, but it’s worth doing and it’s actually rather cathartic.

For several different reasons, I’ve done most of them over the last month or so. We’ve got a few new devices around at home, so that seemed like a good opportunity to sort some of these basic problems out. And, I have to say, my study is tidier and my devices are (currently) working flawlessly.

Set some time aside and have a tech spring clean. Thank me later.


I’m going to do some housekeeping on the blog.

Things may look a little weird for a while.
And then they’ll hopefully look better again and be a bit quicker and generally tidier.

Please bear with me.

If I break it completely, it’s been nice. Thanks for reading.