Draft night tonight, so I’m getting in early with something of a quota photo. And after our last two football matches being postponed due to adverse weather, I’m hoping for some sunshine. Hence this pic:

This is the Touwsrivier Solar Electricity Array, just off the N1 near… well… Touwsrivier.

It’s big. Check out the foreground in that shot of mine up there and you’ll note that there’s a full size railway line running in front of the CPV systems. Dwarfed by the panels behind it. Dwarfed.

The plant cost R1 billion to build back in 2014, covers 470 acres (190 ha), has a nameplate capacity of 44MW and a capacity factor of… er… 23%. Eish.

Inefficiency can like to be solar energy’s middle name.

Let’s hope for some decent weather today, not just so that Touwsrivier can make some much-needed electricity, but also so that we can actually get a match in before I choose some iffy EPL players to ruin my fantasy season.