Memory Monday

Well, there’s Flashback Friday [is there? – Ed.] and Throwback Thursday, so why not Memory Monday?

Easy way to slip a quota photo in while I’m out hunting swimming with dolphins in the Indian Ocean. And since I’m writing this on Father’s Day (dolphins having comprehensively failed to invent wifi yet), here’s one of of my dad.

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.
And for more up to date photos, maybe check out my Instagram

Are we there yet?

You know, I rather fancy that we are.

It’s taken a while, but it does seem that the photos from my Bergen/Sheffield trip are up on Flickr. There are a few from the actual concert (mainly taken by Mrs 6000’s S6 because I was was otherwise engrossed), a few more from the trip along the fjords, and one or two additional images of beautiful Bergen.

And then a few of Sheffield as well, perhaps without the drama of Norway, but where spring was springing and there were still decent shots to be had.

This one is one of those best viewed bigger and on black.

There are individual sets for each bit of the trip, but you can have a general look see on the May 2016 trip collection page on Flickr and go from there.

Goodbye Again

Time to head home. Seeing family and friends in Sheffield has been wonderful, but there is a wife, some kids and a damn beagle to tend to back in Cape Town.

It’s been an odd time. It seems to have flown by, packed with concerts, tourist stuff, appointments, tasks and pretty much no beagles. And yet it seems like an age since I left South Africa.


There was time to grab one last quick pic of a Sheffield institution in our way to the station.
Next time I’m over (whenever that may be) the old Hendos factory will have been sympathetically converted into a student pub, complete with Hendo’s inspired drinks.

I’ll obviously have to give it a go. Obviously.

Goo-d Stuff

I love this amazing Sheffield-themed design and digital art stuff from Steel City-based designer and digital artist Matt Cockayne, t/a Goo Design.

I freely admit that most of the mugs, t-shirts etc will probably mean a limited amount to anyone from outside Sheffield, but I was toying with doing this post when the man himself tweeted this, which swung it immediately.


That is, of course, R2-D2, clearly displaying amorous feelings for a Bessemer Converter – one of the staples of steel production in Sheffield since the mid-1800s. However, given the size difference (here’s my daughter standing underneath a reasonably sized model)…

…this probably “in’t t’droid he were lookin’ fer”.

Click here to have a look at Matt’s work and the products available on his shopify site.

P.S. Having been brought up around both the initial Star Wars franchise and the Kelham Island Industrial Museum, I am astounded, somewhat incredulous and somewhat disappointed that I had never spotted this now strikingly obvious R2D2/Bessemer Converter similarity before.

Frank and Tony’s BUNVENT calendar

Sheffield artist Pete McKee is counting down to Christmas by having two of his favourite characters, Frank and Tony, passing comment on different patisserie products each day. Some of the cartoons are a little niche and will mean more to folk from Sheffield and t’surrounds, but others will appeal to all.

Here are a few examples:

03    04   05    07
Full marks for the accurate points on Parkin, but he’s clearly completely wrong on delicious Battenberg. Follow the series and see more of Frank and Tony’s contentious cake-based opinion on Pete’s twitter.

We’re lucky enough to have one of his prints (complete with Frank) from his The Joy Of Sheff on the wall in Agulhas. Surely the most Southerly McKee in Africa?
It’s this one, called A Perfect Day:


“Take a picnic with the one you love. Climb to the top of one of the seven hills and look over the city in all its sun-drenched glory.”

Pickled onions, a pork pie, a bottle of Wards Bitter, Pulp on the record player, the woman you love – oh, and a view of that city.
Perfect indeed.