In there somewhere 

I’m drinking Bloody Marys by the braai in Agulhas, but I’m still in touch with the events at the Highbury stadium (no, not that one), and there is still nothing like a 90+6 minute equaliser for the Blades. 

Ethan Ebanks-Landell (for it was he what had scored) is in there somewhere in this picture I blatantly nicked from Twitter,  and was booked for “excessive celebration”. 

Totally worth it. 

The First Time 

When your club has been around for over 125 years, they’ve played most everyone there is to play –  often several times. But today marked the first meeting of AFC Wimbledon and the Mighty Sheffield United.

And I’m pleased to report…

… that we came out on top.

AFC Wimbledon’s history is short and remarkable, but I think I’m safe to say that (at least until early February 2017), they have a 0% success rate against the Blades.

He’s a keeper

PRAISE your deity of choice. Or, if you’re not that way inclined, just be generally thankful.

Sheffield United have signed a new goalkeeper.

He is fresh in from Cardiff City, where he made 25 appearances after being signed from the Southampton academy.

Look, I’m in no way blaming the current goalkeeper, George Long, for our current woes (but I also kinda am):


And poor old George Long apparently comes from a whole line of dodgy Blades keepers:


Look at those eyes on the ball. Look at that firm-handed grip.

Des Thompson made 25 appearances for United between 1955 and 1964, before moving to Buxton, which was at that time, not the thriving hotbed of football stardom and celebrity that it still isn’t today.

Des’ brother George was also a goalkeeper, who played for Scunthorpe United, Preston North End, Manchester City and Carlisle United. And, their father (also George) was also a goalkeeper for Southampton.

In the 1929–30 Round 3 match at Bradford City, Thompson allowed a shot to crawl under his body after an awful defensive mix-up for Bradford’s first goal, with Saints going on to lose the match 4–1.

Keeping it in the family.

In form

I did warn people that it was going to be the same old story this season for the MIGHTY Sheffield United. The warning signs were all there: new manager, false hope, a lack of meaningful investment, and the selling off of our top talent.

And, true to form, we lost our first league game, got knocked out of the cup a few days later, and then fumbled and stumbled to scrape a draw at home to… er… Rochdale.

No, I’d never heard of them either.

But tonight is a different story.
Tonight, we play Southend United at Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane and we are clearly the in form side.


Look at those 2 draws. Look at them! 2 draws that Southend clearly don’t have. Lately, at least.

Because the results of football matches can always be decided solely by comparing the recent form of the two teams playing, I am obviously confident in predicting that a victory* is inevitable this evening.



* (or perhaps a draw or a defeat.)

Here we go (again) 

Here’s the latest pre-season news from Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane:

Hey, hang on. He’s supposed to be our star player for next season.

That would be bad news for us, but brilliant for some (but probably not all) of our rivals.


So much for the brave new dawn at the Lane. You don’t win leagues by selling your best players. (Apart from best player selling leagues, obviously.)