Susanne sings

Everyone on BBC 6 Music is gushing over the Scott Walker Prom concert held earlier in the week, and from the bits I have heard, with good reason. If you’re reading this soon after I wrote it, there’s loads of stuff about it on the 6 Music website.

The audience raved about son of Sheffield, Jarvis Cocker and… er… son of Sheffield, Richard Hawley, who were both star performers on the night. But the real plaudits went to Susanne Sundfør for her outstanding vocals. Who she, you ask? Well, she the lady singing on this Röyksopp track:

…with its crazy, disturbing, heartbreaking “invited independent filmmaker” video from Lauren Rothery.


No, not the undersung London structure of the same name (although I do have a blog post waiting to be written about that). No. This is a track with the name Monument from Röyksopp’s best album* The Inevitable End.

Teaming up with vocalist Robyn (she looks like a lot of fun, but you wouldn’t mess, hey?), the boys popped out this banger, in which director & cinematographer Stiaan Andersen has basically made me want to attend a Röyksopp gig, right now. And then another one a bit later. And so on.
There’s a lot going on in this monolithic, monochromatic masterpiece, but it’s all underpinned by the strength of that steady, positive lyric.

Wonderous. Turn it up loud. The lab is a good place to be this afternoon.

* don’t @ me

1am wind-down

While playing this for my daughter in the bath last night, I was reminded of this track from way back…

Which the track itself actually predicts:

It doesn’t matter when
It may rain or it may shine
Blurry memories of us
Come back from time to time

For the record, it mainly shone here today.
Music by Royksopp, vocals by Anneli Drecker (who featured on a-ha’s Turn The Lights Down on the Lifelines album, as well as other stuff, live.)

I’m going to submit this for the listener-suggested ‘1am wind-down’ spot on Nemone’s Electric Ladyland on BBC6 Music, for the simple reason that it’s perfect for the job.

So chilled right now.

(I had this) Thing of Beauty

Nemone’s Electric Ladyland show on BBC Radio 6 a couple of weeks ago featured the Kraak and Smaak remix of Royksopp’s I Had This Thing. I was transfixed for the whole 8 minutes. Wonderful.

Click that big orange dot, top left, to experience it.

Available from iTunes as part of a package of 9 remixes for a very reasonable R39.99.