No, not the undersung London structure of the same name (although I do have a blog post waiting to be written about that). No. This is a track with the name Monument from Röyksopp’s best album* The Inevitable End.

Teaming up with vocalist Robyn (she looks like a lot of fun, but you wouldn’t mess, hey?), the boys popped out this banger, in which director & cinematographer Stiaan Andersen has basically made me want to attend a Röyksopp gig, right now. And then another one a bit later. And so on.
There’s a lot going on in this monolithic, monochromatic masterpiece, but it’s all underpinned by the strength of that steady, positive lyric.

Wonderous. Turn it up loud. The lab is a good place to be this afternoon.

* don’t @ me

Party time

You’re probably here looking for photographs of regular 6000 miles… reader Robyn’s 40th birthday party, and who am I to disappoint?

You’ll want to have a look at this flickr set. You are, of course, welcome to help yourself to any snaps you want.

You may note that the quality of the images decreases steadily as more tequila is added to the photographer. This all happened on Saturday evening. Sunday was understandably unpretty.

While it was a awesome party and a damn good night out, I can’t help but pop in a mention for Goodfella’s, who turned up at the wrong place at the wrong time, couldn’t find us and actually asked us to drive to meet them. Much comment on twitter about how we should be using 1ForTheRoad – we’ll be looking into that. And Mrs 6000 will be looking into cancelling the expensive corporate account she manages with Goodfellas.