Road Trip pics

As Gwede “Uncle Gweezy” Mantashe confirms that there are no plans for the ANC to recall President Jacob Zuma and the Rand responds with a now customary gravity-inspired trip downwards, I’m still enjoying the memory of a great trip back from Agulhas yesterday.


Not the quickest journey back. In fact, at 8½ hours, definitely the longest. But definitely one of the most interesting too. Dirt roads, ostriches, tortoises, places that Google Maps hasn’t even heard of, two lighthouses (one of which we got all to ourselves) and some uitstekende scenery.

There are photos, obviously – I’ve put them in with all the weekend stuff here. But all in all, it was just great spending some time with my Dad and having the chance to see a few places that we didn’t even know we’d be passing.

Did I mention that we had a whole lighthouse to ourselves as well?


That was fun.

8½ hours on the road. Plenty of stops. Wildlife galore. Viewz 4 Days. Several (or more) photos.

I’ll give you the details tomorrow. Don’t miss out.

Making tracks

We’re taking the kids on a bit of a road trip and so you should expect more photos and less writing as the blog becomes a bit tumblr-y for the next few days. There’s even a new category to reflect that and to keep the posts neatly together.

Since tomorrow (which is actually today if you’re reading this) may be a little busy with finishing off and getting going, this post is being done today (yesterday for you) and – as is traditional – features a quota photo, thus:

In a way, this kind of indicates what we’re hoping for. A pretty road, with no traffic, heading down towards a picturesque ocean. However, we are expecting the road we’re on to be quite a bit longer.

See you on the other side, with words and everything. 🙂

Driving South on the D130

Weather good, traffic not too heavy.
Just heading through some charming little towns down the country lane that is laughingly named the D130.

Amazing to see the pride the locals take in their villages and roads down here.
This one looks a bit tight with a difficult turn just after you go in, but it’s so beautifully presented and clean.