Still. Could be worse.

As in, this view is still. And it could be much, much worse.

Incoming from Mr A Contact. This gorgeous image of Ladybower Reservoir, just down the road from the family pile in Sheffield.

Gorgeous. A hint of frost on the fields in the (?)early morning sunlight. And that mirror in the middle is the water supply for Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham. It’s not quite “Antarctic Ice Shelf” pure, but it honestly can’t be far off.

Ja. Cape Town may be beautiful, but my home turf certainly has its moments too.

Thank you, Mr A Contact

Beam me up

It’s been a while since I’ve done a quota photo, but work is really busy* and this evening is full, so here’s one I made earlier.

Crepuscular rays near Cape Agulhas last month. Reminding me of something out of Star Trek – hence the title.

Bigger on black here.


* diplomatic terminology.

Quota fjord

On an unexpectedly wet day in Cape Town, when I’d rather be doing most anything rather than writing up reports on experiments, it seems like a good time to relive the fjords twixt Flåm and Bergen. Amazing to think that this was only two months ago.

As I was remarking just yesterday: I’ve been lucky enough to have done Norway, the UK and Mauritius in the last few weeks, but suddenly find myself without any future travel plans. That would never have been a problem before, but suddenly, I feel the need to get out of here.

That may be down to the rain and the experiment reports though.

Photo bigger on black here.
Norway album collection here.


Heading down to my favourite place for a quick winter weekend visit, we made a wholly unplanned and wholly unpleasant stop just north of Napier.

Parents will understand.

The silver lining to this vomitty visit was this photo, the perfectly still water of a farm dam a tranquil juxtaposition to the harrowing events continuing behind me as I pressed the shutter.

She’s fine now. She was fine almost immediately anyway. Better out then in, hey?

New Brighton Light

After Liverpool’s dramatic win last night, something scouse seemed appropriate. This is almost scouse.
The New Brighton Lighthouse in Merseyside doesn’t work anymore – it hasn’t worked for over 40 years – but that doesn’t stop it being photographed an awful lot. That’s probably because of its proximity to semi-human habitation, being right at the mouth of the River Mersey.


Alternatively, you can grab a quick shot from the other side if you’re passing.

Either way, when you’re a bit short of time and you need a quota photo of a lighthouse, New Brighton features at the top of the quantity and, fairly often, the top of the quality scale as well.

Note the Liverpool Giraffe Sanctuary in the background.